I can’t take another restful weekend, folks.

I started my weekend resting and knitting.  I ended it going out to lunch (the second time) and chatting away the afternoon.  I enjoyed the heck out of it, but very little knitting got done.  I’m still ending the yoke on the February Lady Sweater.  So, the knitting part is a bit frustrating.  I’ll get over it, but I keep thinking I’ll have more time to knit and I don’t.  I am not complaining about being included and cared about.  It’s just that I have unrealistic expectations.  I also need to adjust to the changes in my life.

Although the week will be short, it will be very very busy.  I have nothing much to say and I’m pre-occupied.  You know how the holidays tend to take over your life.  Mine haven’t, yet, but it will most definitely happen.  I can feel it coming.  I’ll give you a fer-instance.  Mom and I did Thanksgiving for many many years.  I mostly did the work and she was my foreman.  Well, when she died, I  stated to my family that I did not want any part of a “family” Thanksgiving.  My brother was very upset, but the rest of the family took it much better.  We finally negotiated a dinner at a restaurant and then BB and his family could go to my BSIL’s younger brother’s family’s Thanksgiving.  Does that make sense?  No?  Don’t worry about it.  Well, I couldn’t find a decent place to have a Thanksgiving dinner.  I did find a cafeteria, but BB said there was no f”ing way he was going to a cafeteria on Thanksgiving, so we are having a brunch style breakfast at my house.  Mimosas and a breakfast casserole provided by my BSIL.  There will be anywhere from 4 to 6 or 7.  I am not stressed or unhappy.  I am loved, and for that I am very very grateful.

Because I am busy and perennially disorganized, I am not gonna promise another post before Friday.  If I were more organized (and, that will not happen in my remaining years) I would post every day, but you can just forget that!  Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to dance to the living room and knit and finish my drink.  Have a wonderful Tuesday.  Here’s my soundtrack for the day.

Sly and the Family Stone!!!  Have a great Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to I can’t take another restful weekend, folks.

  1. heideho says:

    I’ve never had a mimosa, but cheers to you anyway. I’m glad that you’re having a brunch with your family. It will be good. February Lady may just need a holiday until she’s ready to be respectful to you again. Turkey doesn’t make it Thanksgiving, being with those you love does. Hugs from out west.

  2. Emiko says:

    My first mimosa was on vacation in New Orleans at one of the most extravagant brunch buffets I’ve ever been to. We pigged out and had a mimosa or three lol. I remember my friend and I not having to eat for the rest of the day!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, however way you have it. Prepwork for that day gets stressful for me at times that I wish we’d make it a little simpler. Let’s just say Bear and my tastes differ from the rest of the times and sometimes I feel all I’m doing is butting heads planning who’s doing what 🙂 but it all works out in the end.

    If I don’t talk to ya earlier, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday the way you want to 🙂 Take care!

  3. marianne says:

    Sometimes the knitting just feels that way, no matter what.
    It made a whole lot of sense to me.
    The brunch sounds great, no stress, just a bit of food and drink and enjoying each others company for a while, yep, sounds mighty good to me. So get through your short week of busy then relax and enjoy. Hugs. xox

  4. joyknits says:

    The brunch idea sounds great – enjoy! Guess I’ll have to try a mimosa some time – I’ve never had one either.

  5. margene says:

    Our meal is nontraditional and we’re keeping it simple. It isn’t a rule that you have to have turkey and all the stuff. I might need to through in a mimosa, too!

  6. sophanne says:

    I’ll send some no family around ocean karma your way.

  7. joan says:

    Mimosas are the only drink I truly miss, have one for me and have a restful weekend.


  8. crafterscupboard says:

    Sunshine you have a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter what you decide to do! This coming year is going to be full of “firsts” for your whole family and I’m glad you have them to crowd in and hug you when you need it. 😉 Sometimes the ones wanting those moments with you need to be with you more than you need to be with them. (I KNOW! It was shocking to me too!)

    Anyhow. I bugged out on the stress filled holidays that most people buy into a few years ago. I don’t knit holiday pressy’s for anyone. (Lets be real…I don’t knit fast enough to make that a reality in anyone’s world.lol) I don’t cook food that won’t be eaten in a realistic ammt. of time. And I don’t decorate to impress the “hoity-toity”. In fact, my current diet coincides nicely with my Mom’s dietary allergies….so cooking is simple at it’s best! YEAH! That will leave lots of “fun and laughter time” which I know, this year is more important.

    I don’t think I’ll be talking to you before then…..so have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the family. Give the pooch a great big hug and kiss from me……and Em too. Tucker and the Gang send their love and their deepest apologies that thier gifts have not been sent yet. I keep explaining that X-mas is just around the corner……lol

    Love ya!

  9. Annie says:

    Honey, I’m right there with you!

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