It’s gotten cold here

I realized this weekend, while walking with my big boy, that my hat was too big. I always knit the large size and they always turn out too big. Yup. I know it’s obvious. I just didn’t really think about it much until this weekend.
Upon realizing that my head was cold and my hats were slipping, I decided to knit myself a new cap. This time a medium size. I picked the Watch Cap pattern from Ravelry (or, Beanie #212).  It’s from World War II.  It also looks exceedingly warm and my poor ears get mightily cold.  I’m knitting it in Reynolds Encore color 7990 “Drifting”.  It’s a blend of pinks and greys.  Quite nice.  I’d show you, but my camera batteries are shot and I don’t have any that size today.  I’ll get some this week.  I also did get enough yarn to knit mittens.  As I said, I’m cold.

I’ve also been knitting on pressies for Christmas, so there isn’t anything to show there.  The pup and kitty have been so sweet.  OK.  The pup has been so sweet.   Esau Marie is mightily pissed that it’s cold and she wants heat, NOW!!!!  I have set her upon her magical mystery night-night bed, but her tiny little brain can’t do anything but handle pooping and peeing and vomiting on my rugs.  Oh, her tiny brain also compels her to chew on electrical wires.  I pushed her away and was moving a wire and it gave me a tiny shock.  I’m very concerned that it might be an addiction for her.  The buzz of the electricity through the wire as she’s chewing.  Maybe, it makes her high or stoned.  Does anyone know of a one step program for kitties?  They can’t count to twelve, so it has to be a one step program.  Let me know, will you?

So to send you on your way this gloomy Monday morn, here are the Animals and “We Gotta Get Outta this Place”.  I still have the hots for Eric Burden.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 Responses to It’s gotten cold here

  1. sophanne says:

    One Step program for kitties! The buzz from the wires! You gave this music teacher the laugh she needed this morning. I too, make hats too big and occasionally too small (when I’m compensating for to biggedness) but that should be no surprise to you given that we are twins from different mothers. Liza did not want to get out from under the covers this morning. I got up and she stayed for about 5 minutes just to make sure we were really getting up!

  2. marianne says:

    oh nooooos. EM chewing on electric wires, YIKES! Now I’ll be fretting.
    One Step program for kitties, LOL!
    Had a calico (they’re genetically crazy, I swear), Avalon, I always thought her brain had to be smooth as a bowling ball sans finger holes, but she was fun. One of her favourite activities was riding a skateboard across the kitchen floor but the rest of the time she’d just stare off into space, intently. ??
    Yes, it HAS been cold these past few days!! brrrrr. stay warm.
    Happy Monday! xox

  3. margene says:

    I love hearing the Animals on oldies stations. Can you get a wire cover from the office supply store? Then she couldn’t get to the wires to chew. Pet’s can be so silly sometimes!
    Stay warm and knit that hat fast! It’s bitter here this morning and I’m thankful for my mittens.

  4. Emiko says:

    Thanks for the laugh – I need it this morning 🙂 It’s been pretty darn cold here too – today’s high is only going to be 32 – yikes! I need to find my knits!!!

    No wire-chewing here, but my sister’s cat needs a one step program for chewing anything plastic and styrofoam. The wire-chewing is something of a mystery for me w/ cats. Your description of them getting a jolt and in a stone or some kind of enhanced state cracks me up 🙂

    Have a great Monday – I just hope to get through it today and stay WARM, just like your electric EM (hehehe)

  5. Cookie says:

    I hope this hat fits better. I know all about the I’m Cold Knitting. I knit a short fingered glove yesterday because I heard it was going to snow today. Now I need to hurry and knit the second one.


  6. Joy says:

    You’re going to need the hat *and* mittens from the sound of the forecast! At least we’re not supposed to get what’s going farther north.

    On the wire-chewing, have you tried Bitter Apple or some other bad-tasting stuff – sometimes that can help. Good luck!

  7. heideho says:

    Oh crap! I just sprayed Diet Coke on my monitor as visions of Esau Marie copying the cat from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation flashed through my mind. Silly kitty. Maybe you were sub-consciously thinking you’d felt your hats? Glad you’re making yourself a new one. Is it really cold back there?

    • knitwonpurltoo says:

      Actually, it hasn’t been all that cold, but the winds are brutal. We are about 30F with 20 mph winds and those winds hurt the skin and the ears. BTW, I was having trouble with my internet when I read your post. Those socks are gorgeous and the keychain too neat!!!! It sounds like you had a fabulous (and, exhausting) time. And, your tree is beautiful. Hugs from Middle Earth, kiddo!!! P.S. I had forgotten about the Nat’l. Lampoon Christmas cat. Damn. That is a funny movie.

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