Random Wednesday AGAIN!

It’s like clockwork, people. Every single week, a Wednesday rolls around. Amazing. Simply amazing.

I have actually started on the UFO thingy. I will post a picture when I get the biggest thing I have to do, done. It has just been sitting looking at me. Accusingly. Such a bitch.
So, to avoid talking about it without a picture, I will mosey on to the next random thing. I got a fabulous deal on exclamation points and question marks. You best get used to seeing them all the time. It will take me all year to use them up, I’ll bet.??@!!?????!!!!  I threw in the @ sign because I got them as an added bonus!!!

Now.   Since I have brought you up to snuff on those things, I will discuss our bizarre weather, folk.   We have had fog every single day for, like, ever.  I don’t ever remember fog consistently for over 5 days.   Weird, huh?  When it’s not too terrible thick, I love it.   Grover acts like the Hounds of the Baskersville are after him.  When he does that, he totally creeps me out.   You would howl if you could see us, pre-dawn, walking in the fog with him looking around every few steps and me looking after him.  What a pair.   It’s just so “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, ya know?

Finally, my job is getting shakier all the time.   It has made me a relative wreck this week and by doing so, pissed me off.   I am an adult woman with a brain and everything.   Like I would be the only person in this position?   Pulleeeeeez.  What a cry-baby.   I am (and, damned well should be) grateful for all that I have.   This anxiety is hard for me to understand.   I don’t have alot of patience for it, anyway, so I don’t really know how to deal with it other than to get mad and work through that.   Sounds strange, doesn’t it?   I have used rage and anger to work through everything in my life (except grief….can’t do that).   I think my family are born with anger and learning to deal with it is a major growth issue.  Well, I can do that.   I can use my anger to move through so many situations.  I just thought as I got older I wouldn’t have this anger issue anymore.   I guess I figured menopause was like a lobotomy.  In some ways it feels like it;-D

I sound melodramatic, but I’m not really.  It’s just a function of my personality.   Strange, eccentric, bizarre.   I got it covered!  So, I will leave you, once again, with my soundtrack.  Here is a favorite, “When I Fell For You” by Buddy and Ella Johnson.

Have a great Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Random Wednesday AGAIN!

  1. margene says:

    My family was always volatile and handled adversities and problems with anger and frustration. It’s a hard trait to change and while I’m often successful, I’m often not. You are who you are, but we figure it out. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  2. Beth in StC says:

    We’re losing another person in our department at the end of the month. Monday I learned that the person who’s supposed to pick up part of her job just can’t handle it. Guess who gets to do it instead, in addition to all the billing for another division in another city?

    I’m doing my best to be thankful I still have a job, but this icy ball of rage in my stomach keeps getting bigger with every new thing they dump on me. Unfortunately I don’t deal well with anger — I grew up in a verbal battlefield, and I think I overcompensated as an adult.

    If you can use your anger to get you through instead of letting it make holes in your stomach, I say go for it.

  3. heideho says:

    Well fudge! I’m sorry to hear that the job situation is unstable. I’ve got all of my crossable parts crossed and am sending strong economy thoughts your way in hopes that work picks up for the company.

    Getting online has been cut way back due to time crunches here and I miss daily ganders into your world. Hugs to you and scritches to the critters.

  4. Emiko says:

    It’s a hard time with the work front for sure. Because I’m stressed so much at work, I find that I have a really short temper and just being so snappy about everything. I hate that I do that, but I guess I’m dealing w/ my own anger issues these days. No wonder my knitting is so tight right now, lol 🙂

    I love the fog scene you’re describing on your walks with Grover. Don’t forget your wooden stake hahaha

    Hang in there, dear. Sending good vibes your way for more jobs to come through at your company.

  5. Cookie says:

    Fog is totally normal. :p

    I think being angry is natural given what is going on. I think the trick is to not allow the anger to drive you.


  6. marianne says:

    I think your anger is probably better than feeling total dread (raising my hand). Anger seems ‘easier’ to deal with.
    Grover and the fog, had me hooting, don’t tell him, please, don’t tell him. and of course he’d be more than a bit nervous, after all, that ain’t really fog out there, shhhhh, it’s dragon’s breath and he knows it. tell him I love him :^)
    It’s storming here tonight, buckets of rain, lightening and rolling thunder, love it. xox

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