Is it Random Wednesday again? So soon? Really?

Knitting content. Be afraid. Be very afraid!!! I pulled out my Ribby Cardi. I looked at it and ripped 3/4 of it. I would have a picture, but the one I took was brown. Very brown. The yarn is brown (Cascade 220), but the skies are gray and the color brown does not show up at all. It bothered me a bit to rip, but ya know? I’m happy to be redoing the back. At least, I know I’ll be proud of it.  It’s gonna be chocolate brown and pink.  I started it at least 3 years ago.  I think I need to finish it before the moths get to it.

Today is my Friday, but I will not waiver in my dedication to the announcement of Friday each week.  I’m afraid people would sleep in or worse, not go to work!!!  Or, oh my lord!  Be redundant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grover loves his new stinky food and eats it with relish (no, not the pickle kind).  He is stronger and spent Tuesday at the cageless kennel.  He was a good boy and had a great time.  Starving when I picked him up.  We got home and I fed him his dinner.  He had his dessert cookie and went straight to bed.  That is one very tired pup.  I’m glad he could go.  He’s been a bit sick of me.

Ms. Stinky McFartbutt is well, thank you.   She is annoying, but well.   I have given up keeping her out of the bedroom at night because it appears that Grover the wunderpup is claustrophobic.   Heaven help me.   Neurotic animals.  But, that makes three of us and we are happy together.

I am on the road to lowering my cost of living.   That, and just getting control of the finances.   I am not desperate or frightened.  I am controlling that which I can control.   I will worry about the other stuff later.  I have noticed, since my grief breakthrough, that I have turned into my mother.  This is a good thing, I think.  I’ve been a worrier and fusser all my life.  My parents could have told you horror stories about me as a kid and young adult, but they are gone now, so just believe me……I was a fussy mess.   As the job situation has changed and gone down I have dealt with it by just not thinking about it.   If I worry, what good does it do?   So, I dwell on the good things in my life.  And, boy, do i have alot of good things.   You all included.  I am blessed beyond measure and grateful, as well.  Sure, I get down, but I am trying so hard to keep my unhappy’s under control.

Now, since I have blithered on and on, I will leave you with my soundtrack of the day.  I love Patti Smith.  I may be in the minority, but this song just drives it home.   “Because the Night” written by both Patti and Bruce Springstein.  Talk about pedigree.   Enjoy!!!

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to Is it Random Wednesday again? So soon? Really?

  1. heideho says:

    Tell that Ribby Cardi to behave itself and cooperate. Glad that Grover is eating again, hope his new diet can be phased out over time so he can eat while out again. We all have our quirks… it’s what makes us unique. I’d prefer to say that you’re a caring person, not a fussy person. Soggy hugs from out west.

  2. margene says:

    You ARE a very caring person and that makes you sensative to what’s happening all around you. Worry isn’t worth it, but faith and working towards answers is productive. It’s good to hear Grover is feeling good again. Sending hugs to you. I LOVE that song!

  3. Emiko says:

    You have a great attitude about things. I wish I were like you. I worry about things that haven’t even happened yet and I hate it when I do that, really really hate it.

    Glad Grover got to go to his daycare, even though he came home starving. I love that he gets a dessert cookie before bed 🙂

    Not to leave Ms. EM out either, but glad to hear she’s doing fine too.

    I’m sure changes are in order with your work situation, but we’re all cheering for you and hoping that things work out for the better down the road. I guess the bright side is that you’ve got some extra time to work on the cardi! I need to work on mine too.

  4. marianne says:

    hee, a fussy mess. that’s really pretty cute. you’re right though, no sense in worrying about stuff you can’t change or control, it’s plenty enough being in (somewhat) control of your own life. I agree, you are a very caring, sensitive person :^)
    I was wondering, Grover and his new stinky fabulous food, if he was going to be named Mr. Stinky McFartbutt? and of course he wants that door open, he has his reasons. I’m hoping they’re sleeping friendly.
    hugs, darlin’. xox

  5. sophanne says:

    ditto cookie.

    And I try to rip one day and revisit it another. It takes the sting out for me and it’s like getting new yarn.

    No need for a fussy mess because

    If you get hungry – I’ll send you a restaurant card (we all know my cooking)

    If you need yarn- I’ll give you whatever I have that you like.

    If you need a place to live maybe check with Cookie because Mr. Sophanne would be afraid of Grover- I’ll send food and yarn to her house.

  6. joyknits says:

    Sometimes ripping is the best option in the long run – I’m sure you’ll get it back on track. Can’t wait to see it. Hang in there – hugs!

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