I miss……..

Random thinkings for a late (IhopeIhopeIhope) winter Wednesday:

  1. Heide’s WTF Wednesdays
  2. Green plants on my deck
  3. SITTING on my deck without a heavy coat and blanket
  4. Being limber, and taking it for granted
  5. Organization
  6. Finished objects;-P
  7. Night sounds (I’m thinking spring peepers)
  8. Bare ground (no snow)
  9. Not worrrying about my footing (there are 3 r’s in worrry, right?)
  10. My quick memory

Some things I miss more than others, but I sure do miss the memory the most.   I know I am not alone, but I have so much crap in my head.  You want the lyrics to “Hazy Shade of Winter”?   I got ’em.  You want to know where something very important is?  Forget it.  It is so sad.  So very very sad.  Um, yeah.

Have a wonderful Hump Day, all.   I will leave you with my soundtrack today…..Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel with, you guessed it!!!  “Hazy Shade of Winter”, and yes, I am singing along with it right now!

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8 Responses to I miss……..

  1. margene says:

    Paul Simon said in an interview how full off themselves they were. Singing about life experiences as if they knew it all, before they’d ever lived much life, made him see how silly it all was “back then”.

  2. marianne says:

    Singing right along with you.
    RE: ‘how silly it all was back then’ well, their words pretty much hit us where we lived at the time, but I do get it. what he said. but it also happens to be the way we’re wired… from the beginning.
    and as long as you know where you are, where EM and Grover are.. ;^) xoxox

  3. heideho says:

    Whoo hoo! It just so happens that I made a half-arsed attempt at WTF Wednesday today. It’s a little rusty and rushed though.
    I think that there are actually 4 r’s in worrrry.
    Sending warm, spring thoughts your way.

  4. joyknits says:

    Good list! I am SO with you on several of the items, especially worrrying about the footing when dog walking – I’ve been dropping my cell into my coat pocket when Toby & I go out at night, just in case … do stay right-side-up and warm!

  5. Cookie says:

    Have you seen my house keys? I can’t find them and can’t leave the house without them. They may be in the car, but, if they are, how did I get into the house without them.


    Welcome to my life.


  6. Emiko says:

    Lots of things I miss on that list myself, and my memory is at the top too. It’s strange the things I do remember and the things that I don’t. Selective? Maybe, sometimes.
    I’m missing seeing green things on my deck too. I’m so done with winter, even if we haven’t had any white stuff around here this year. I just want to see flowers and sun and chirpy birds.

  7. Diane says:

    Good list, I can particularly relate to #2, #3, and #7.

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