I survived it

I did it. I really did it. I was sick to my stomach and my hands shook, but I made it through my first public speaking event. Most everyone was very sweet. It is done. Now, I can get up and not worry about vomiting, falling down, spitting or any of the other worries you have when you have not conquered that fear.  Thank you all for your encouragement and advise.   It was all taken to heart and used.   Believe you me.

Now.   I need next weekend to be less stressful or full of running.  I spent a large portion of the weekend behind the wheel.  Oh, sure.  The errands needed to be run, but for criminy sakes.   I needed to get the oil changed and tires rotated.  I also needed groceries and stuff.  I needed to go to the bank.   I got to go to my BB’s and BSIL’s house for dinner Saturday night.   We have so much fun together.   I cannot tell you how much fun we have.   We eat well, drink and enjoy each other.  I have noticed my BB has opened up more.  He is willing to talk about his job and the frustrations and joys.   He is a teacher.  RANT ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a maligned and abused group of people.   He teaches high school English, creative writing and, when he can, Shakespeare.  Since when are teachers responsible for how your kids turn out?   WTF?   My parents NEVER took our side in an argument with a teacher.  We were wrong.   Sure, we usually were.   But, my parents sent our teachers a message that they trusted their judgment and would support them in discipline.  Do parents do that anymore?   I know there are a lot of bad people in the world, but I think we’re doing everyone a disservice when we dismiss the education and knowledge of a professional for the word of our child.   As Bill Cosby said,  “Children lie!”  END OF RANT.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too.   I think maybe spring is coming someday.   We sat outside for an hour on Saturday.  It was 51.  Think we’re desperate?   We are.   I was out on the deck with my puppers and we enjoyed the sunshine and the melting snow.   He was eating it and snuffing into it as it melted in the warm sun.   Then, he came on the deck with me and laid down and put his face up to the sun.   I thought to myself what a way to live.   In the moment!  The wildlife in the back yard are very active.  We have birdsong before dawn.   The sun sets later every night.  What we don’t have is much sun.  This has been one of the darkest and most difficult winters I have known in a very long time.   Mom would have had so much trouble with it this year.   We had 3 weeks of fog and damp and, then,  bitter cold and snow and ice and gray skies for another 8 weeks.   Although I miss her, I am so grateful she is not here to deal with the darkness this winter.   Last winter was so difficult for her.

I did not knit much this weekend.  I read the last Percy Jackson book (I am so juvenile) “The Last Olympian” after I picked it up at my library, and folded clean clothes.   I waited two weeks and, boy oh boy, did I have a bunch of clothes and towels and stuff to fold.

This is my library.   I know it’s hard to tell what it is from here, but trust me.   This is MY library.   I also made food for the puppers.   One pound raw lean ground beef, a pound of raw chicken livers, 2 cups of cooked brown rice, one can of French cut green beans and a can of carrots.  Mix is all together and it looks like this:

The red thing is a spoon.   It doesn’t look all that bad, but trust me, it stinks beyond words.   It is truly a barf diet.

So, what else do I have to show you?  How’s about a first taste of spring?   This is my Snowdrop.   A tiny white flower that is the first bulb to bloom in the spring (in my yard).

Have a wonderful Monday.  This has been a surprisingly full post for me.   Well, we still need our soundtrack for the day, don’t we?   How about  some Humble Pie and “I Don’t Need No Doctor”

Have a fabulous Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to I survived it

  1. zmanowner says:

    Good Morning..I totall agree that the trust for the teachers and educators is just not there anymore. Used to be, if the teacher said he/she was going to call home you knew a whoopin was coming your way. …Dont know why that has changed. I hope it warms up where you at…great post…enjoyable…zman sends

  2. margene says:

    I’ve noticed a change in the height of the sun, the sounds of birds and the warmth of the day…but have not seen one snowdrop or other sign. Next fall I should plant some harbingers.

  3. margene says:

    Oh and I knew you would do well as a speaker! It becomes easier over time, too.

  4. heideho says:

    Good morning! So glad to hear that you conquered your fears and did the speaking. You’re my hero! Grover’s food looks a lot like some of the dinners I make. LOVE the snowdrop picture. I was imagining Grover and you on the deck, how happy and wonderful! Hope you have an excellent week and that winter continues to fade away.

  5. Emiko says:

    A pat on the back for you on conquering your fear of public speaking. We’re all proud of ya! 🙂

    We enjoyed a gorgeous, SUNNY weekend and it was wonderful (w/ the exception that I’m still nursing The Crud and had to stay indoors), but we had the curtains drawn, the blinds open and Frankie and I sunbathed indoors while I knit on my Ravelympics project (half a sock done – took 1.5yrs though LOL).

    It’s getting very unseasonably warm lately and I’m certainly not complaining.. bring on spring!

  6. marianne says:

    Yay for your bit of milder temps and that touch of sunshine!
    I love snowdrops.
    Curious mind here.. how long does a batch of barf last? and do you bag portions up and freeze them? then dole them out daily?
    so ok, I AM a hermit and live in a cave and had to look those books up. they sound good :^) (I’m sure Conor knows about them ;^)
    gah. you wanna get me started on that rant? WTF indeed.
    Just another fine example of how that ‘sense of entitlement’ that parents (who also have ‘it’) are bestowing on their children, yeah, that’s working out well (NOT). I realize there are a few sucky people out there teaching that have no business teaching but for the rest? I highly commend their integrity.
    Happy Monday, Sweets! xox
    ps congrats, I knew you could do it!

  7. sophanne says:

    mmmmmm…… that porch sounds spectacular!

    Springity Springity Spring! That’s what I say.

    I’m so impressed with a multiple picture post.

    The sun was awake before me this morning and that made it easier to get up.

    That’s what I’ve got. I’m glad you didn’t fall down.

  8. Diane says:

    Good for you on the public speaking! You should do it again — soon — because it only gets easier the more you do it.

    When you said you spent the weekend behind the wheel, I thought that didn’t sound so bad and then I realized you meant a car wheel not a spinning wheel!

    Five inches of ice and snow yesterday. Spring has taken a detour around here.

  9. Cookie says:

    I KNEW it would go well!

    I’m so glad that spring is starting to slowly make it’s return to you. I don’t know how you face that doggie food. o.O


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