Absolutely no knitting content here

I read 4 books this weekend. I couldn’t help myself. Once I get started, watch out. Besides, I didn’t want to watch tv. I’m getting stranger and stranger. I like Castle, but I record it, so I don’t have to stay up for it. I will be getting back to my knitting……tomorrow. I’m out of books as of today. This happens to me every once in a while.

I got my eyes checked on Thursday. No nasty surprises, but I did need new glasses. People, avoid needing bifocals. They add an obscene amount to the cost of glasses. My astigmatism is getting increasingly worse, so the doctor suggested I just stick with glasses since I haven’t worn contacts for a long time. I also have very dry eyes and don’t want to have to use prescription eye drops, so glasses it will be!   Expensive, but necessary.  After my eye appointment I went to a Lenten meditation group at church.  I didn’t realize how tense my back was until we started relaxing.  It felt mighty good to step away from the everyday for a bit.

Then, on Friday I cleaned and cleaned and washed and made the barfy dog food for my big boy.   His Aunt Marty (a dear friend who watched him when Mom died) made puppy biscuits with peanut butter.  Needless to say, she is at the tops of his faves list.

On Saturday, I read and then went out to my BB and BSIL’s house for the February/March birthday party.   It was wonderful fun.  The food rocked and the company rocked even more!

Finally, yesterday, I went to church.  Then, my BSIL and I met at church for an amazing concert.   It was performed by the Collegium Vocale of St. Louis. Actually, that link is to my church’s website because the one for the Collegium Vocale hadn’t been updated since October 28, 2009.   The music was beautifully performed.  They used period instruments that seemed to go flat constantly, but the vocalists were just wonderful.   After the concert, we met my BB at a restaurant and enjoyed dinner and conversation some more.

All that just to say, no knitting, no pictures.  We’ll work on that.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.   Here is my soundtrack for the day.  Rod Stewart and the Faces (with Ronny Lane) and “I Know I’m Losin’ You” with a fabulous drum solo by Kenny Wood.

Dance on outta here!

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10 Responses to Absolutely no knitting content here

  1. margene says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. It’s not bad to spend time reading instead of watching TV. Finding a meditation group and relaxing away the stress was a great idea, too.
    I did some of that this weekend, too. The Faces is my favorite Rod period. He got rather weird after that. I’m sick of hearing Mandolin Wind. lol

  2. marianne says:

    What a fabulous weekend!
    Four books over a weekend. Four books! WoW! but.. out of books? sounds like a trip to the library is called for :^)
    Happy Monday! xoxox

  3. Emiko says:

    4 books read over the weekend???? Holy cow! It’s so hard to choose an activity you wish to do over the weekend. This past weekend was knitting of course, as I really wanted to push myself and get those darn projects off the needles, so it’s a huge relief to do so!

    I love love love to read, but just haven’t found time to do much of it. It seems it’s relegated down to bedtime reading. So many things you want to do, so little time… *sigh* I guess it’ll all work out somehow 🙂

    Here’s to another week.

    • knitwonpurltoo says:

      I usually just read at bedtime, but had a marathon this weekend. Congrats on the Olympic knitting!!!!

  4. joyknits says:

    Sounds like a good weekend. What have you been reading? We seem to have to make periodic emergency library trips around here too 😉

  5. Diane says:

    But, but, but, what books did you read? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Cookie says:

    Sounds like a lovely few days.


  7. heide says:

    What a lovely weekend! Which books did you read? I adore reading, but I’m always at a loss for what to read and so I usually end up reading books the girls check out of the school libraries. Scritches to Grover and Esau Marie. Hugs to you.

  8. Kristi says:

    I’m with some of the others – what books did you read? 🙂

    I’ve used bifocals for the past ~10 years. They are flipping expensive! I gave them up this year though because they were just to reduce eye strain and I got them when I was in school reading lots of tiny print research journals. Now I do so much at intermediate lengths (knitting and computing) and I think I was tipping my head to get those things into focus.

  9. Rachel says:

    That sounds like a very full weekend! Which books did you read? You probably answer that in a later blog post. I’m so behind!

    I’ve been leaking money at the eye doctor, too, for the same reason–worsening astigmatism. Is it contagious or something?

    Pet that dog for me!

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