fRIdAy fOLkS!!!!

I’m an independent woman. I try hard to be a problem solver and not get whiney. Well. I’m not whiney……….yet.  Last year I paid a friend to get my lawn mower up to speed in the spring. I didn’t have a problem all summer long, but yesterday, my grass was realllllllllly long in some spots, so I cleverly decided to get my lawn mower moving again. I bought the required spark plug, air filter, oil and gasoline. That’s a story unto itself, but humiliating so we won’t go into it today. I brought my goodies home and set to work on the mower. I added the oil just right and started to undo the spark plug. I couldn’t  move the darned thing to save my life. I used pliers. I tried and tried and tried. I don’t want to spray something like WD-40 because I don’t know if that would be bad for my mower. After getting royally ticked off for the day, I decided to just try starting it. I would like to think it’s karma, but know better.  After my righteous indignation and little hissyfit, the mower started on the first try.   le sigh

The other major thing I did yesterday was to dispose of the dead bunny Grover killed.   If you own a home and have a yard, you will have dead rodents.  You don’t even need a dog or cat.  Sometimes a squirrel will fall dead from a tree of old age (it happened to me).   I’m so practiced at it now that I have a routine.   My routine was developed after the time that Dylan Thomas (my last pup) and I came home from our walk and he stepped directly on a dead Norway rat.   He just kept on motoring and I (horrified beyond words) realized I needed to get rid of the body.   I got a grocery bag and a shovel and managed to roll the rat down my yard about 20′ trying to get it on the shovel.   I cannot imagine how ridiculous I must have looked (because, of course, I did not put Dylan Thomas in the house.  He came along for the humiliation), but I was determined.  Finally, the curb at the street stopped the body from rolling enough so that I could get it on the shovel.  I ran back and got the grocery bag and then spent a few minutes trying to get it to stay open so I could drop the body in the bag.  All in all, not one of my finest moments.  So, now I have a routine.  I get a smallish box and put the sides up and place the box in a grocery bag.   Then, I get the shovel and pick up the body and drop it into the box and tie the bag.  This way I don’t have to look at the poor thing very much.

It appears that I am suffering from a case of “Blitherer’s Disease”.  Hopefully, the pissyfairy will not come, too.   If so, I will leave a note on the blog.  I do not want to inflict myself on you all with both Blitherer’s Disease and the pissyfairy.

I want you all to have a wonderful weekend.   It will eventually be spring everywhere, but until then, just be assured it is on its way!!!

Here is a fabulous video of Joe Cocker and Leon Russell doing “The Letter”

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to fRIdAy fOLkS!!!!

  1. margene says:

    You did a much better job than I would! I had a cat years ago that would bring my “treats” of birds, rats, giant grasshoppers…whatever he could catch (including hummingbirds!!!). I learned out to dispose of the poor things, too. I still miss that cat. Your yard is doing well!

  2. Diane says:

    Despite putting decals on the windows we’ll still get birds that smash into them. If they’re lucky they’re just stunned. But more than once last winter I had to dispose of a LBB.

    We won’t even discuss the various rodents the cats bring home. Disgusting little brats.

  3. marianne says:

    Oh honey, you’ve given me some giggles and I can so relate. I could tell/blither you some horror stories about rats. and Blue’s Babe.
    Blither? I’ve got your Blither. I’ll even demand the pissyfairy stay here so you don’t have to deal with the (rat)bastid.
    manOman, talk about Joe and Leon with their baby faces. :^)
    YAY!! to running mowers!
    Happy Happy for Friday and the Weekend! xox

  4. sophanne says:

    With my first dead bunny, I called a friend to remove it from the lawn so I wouldn’t mow it with the mower.

    Since then- after many years, I’ve gotten used to the lovely annabelle occasionally bringing live bunnies into the house (through a hole in the screen door) If you think dead bunnies are unnerving, imagine the cat, the dog and a live baby bunny making scared baby bunny noises and running through the house.

    I will admit that the live bunny was much cuter than the dead one that I couldn’t bear to look at.

  5. Emiko says:

    This is why I am glad my little “hunter” has to remain an indoor cat 🙂 Every morning I pull up the blinds in my bedroom right by the bed and he comes running in by that sound, then perches and “hunts” for birds flying by and perching on the tree just outside.

    You’re doing a much better job than what I’d do if Frank would leave us little presents around the home 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  6. Cookie says:

    At least, the mower started and you didn’t mow anything that wasn’t green, yes? Did I ever tell you about the day I mowed a frog? /sigh

    Life in the burbs. It’s a miracle we’re not all cranky all the time.


  7. Joy says:

    Glad the mower cooperated – occasionally we get lucky ;o) The rat story cracked me up – Toby has given me multiple bunny experiences. No squirrels, though – as far as I know, he has yet to catch up with one of those.

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