Please move to the back of the bus, people. It’s FRIDAY. Thank you.

OK. I’m just gonna throw this out first thing. I am so consistent and such an awesome dog training/owner-type person that now when I call Grover in from the back yard, he comes only as far as 5′ from the back door and looks at me. Hello? I offer him cookies. I call his name and move aside. After nothing works (that has always worked before) I go out and touch his collar and tell him to come inside and he does. Granted, his breed is a stubborn breed, but I don’t think he’s being stubborn. I think I’m not communicating to him (Lord only knows how he could be missing my point). Excuse me. deep breath. OK. So, although we are knitters and spinners and wonderful human beings and maybe not dog trainers, does anyone have any ideas because I’m open.  Joy recommended a blogger, Patricia McConnell, an animal behaviorist who writes about dogs and training.   She is quite wonderful and she writes like I think, but maybe a bit more cohesively.   I suppose I shouldn’t feel too bad because her dog has become afraid to come into her bedroom at night to sleep.   Still, how hard is it to convey welcome without words?  Of course, I’m conveying welcome from one species or thing  to another which in our case is like a chimpanzee chatting with a chorizo.

Thank you.  I feel better already.   Now.  I’m being visited by the Pissyfairy.   The bitch is back, but this time she is making the grass grow so fast that I have had to cut it twice.   That is completely unfair.  It’s only the 16th of April.   At this rate I’ll have to cut it all spring AND summer long.  I haven’t even fed  the grass.  Anybody and everybody is welcome to her if you don’t mind cutting grass (I’m talking about the Pissyfairy).   I consider it a complete waste of time.  I would so love to have a goat or sheep, but there are things like laws and codes that make my mind go all fuzzy and shut down.

The picture is of spring beauties.   They are tiny little white flowers that appear only in early spring in lawns.   If you put down an herbicide, they die.   I refuse to kill them.   They are so lovely.   Besides, I don’t believe in herbicides.   And, a bit of housekeeping.  I changed back to the old set up, but put in a picture of the Missouri river.   Just in case you had noticed or cared.

To send you off into your weekend (and, I hope it’s a great one), here’s the soundtrack of the day.  Crank the volume and get up and dance.  Jimi Hendrix and “Crosstown Traffic”

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 Responses to Please move to the back of the bus, people. It’s FRIDAY. Thank you.

  1. margene says:

    The best thing might be to leave the cookie on the step and walk back in the house. Grover will follow…I hope. I LOVE this JH song. It makes me feel subversive and YOUNG! LOL

  2. Diane says:

    I wouldn’t presume to tell you anything about dogs, but if you know why I occasionally have to reintroduce my poor confused kitty to his food bowl, let me know. He looks at it like it’s going to eat him, instead of the other way around.

  3. Diane says:

    Oh, and the Pissyfairy? She found me this morning and I’m not even at home.

  4. joyknits says:

    Love your spring beauties – can’t imagine why anyone would want to kill them! Good luck with Grover – you might also Google Karen Pryor 🙂

  5. Sophanne says:

    LJ can be similarly stubborn as well. In moments of “I have to have her in this house Right Now”, I’ve been known to make noises with the leash and innocently ask “want to go for a walk”. It feels criminal and is only used in the direst of emergencies or frustration.

  6. Emiko says:

    Happy Friday! That pissyfairy’s been with me all damn week, so I’m hoping she’ll be gone for the weekend.

    I’d choose the spring beauties over herbicides too – how pretty!

    Maybe he’s enjoying the outdoors and wants to hang out a little longer? Maybe leave him out a little longer and see if he’ll let you know when he wants to go back in?

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Nora says:

    I think the Pissyfairy’s administrative assistant is visiting me.


  8. marianne says:

    Those are LOVELY little Spring Beauties! I’d keep them :^)
    hmmmmm. Grover…. stubborn? hahahahahah. ok, I wasn’t laughing at you or The Boy. Blue was Stubborn too. oy.
    Stand up straight, shoulders back, in other words assume the stance of ‘I’m in charge’, body language is so very important, and they can read it like nobody else. There were many times I’d have to correct my body stance and sometimes it even works! :^)
    That’s one of my all time favourites of Jimi’s. YES!
    Pissyfairy? damn her stupid ass. She’s been with me All Week. I’ve giving her the boot ASAP. but not booting her your way. xoxoxox

  9. Annie says:

    Have you changed anything about entrance at the back door? A new throw rug on the floor, a new piece of furniture nearby? Or even an old piece of furniture, just in a new place. It is amazing what can throw them off. That’s all I got!

  10. crafterscupboard says:

    Oh I do love little flowers in the lawn! If I ever replant a lawn it will be with a meadow mix in it! I’m glad the issue with Grover has subsided. It’s funny how these boys especially pick up on our emotions and our thoughts, isn’t it? I’ve told Don a dozen times that if we get another dog I’d like to be smarter than it please. It’s a constant trick to try and out think Tucker. lol Thanks for the explaination for your new header. I think that’s a beautiful view! 🙂

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