A “lighten up” pill

Every once in a while my intensity annoys even me. That happened this weekend. Part of the reason is that Grover was still standing 5′ from the back door when I would open it for him. It struck me Saturday that I really needed a “lighten up” pill. Of course, there is no such thing for me. I have taken anti-anxiety meds and hate them with a passion. My “lighten up” pill is my “aha” moment when I realize that I am just a tad too serious about things.  I finally just let up on the dominance issue and went back to loving my big boy like a family pet.  I’m pretty sure that is why we got him.  Since Saturday morn there have been no further back door issues.

We had a stormy Saturday and rainy Sunday.  I had over 2.5″ at my house and it was much needed.  Of course, we all know the pissyfairy will be visiting me this week and making the grass grow longer and faster.  Stupid pissyfairy.  I was out on Saturday afternoon and early evening and when I got home there was no power.   It appears a whopper storm came through while I was gone.  Grover and Esau Marie met me at the door with looks of confusion and bewilderment.  How come their house was so dark and quiet when I’d left lights and the stereo on?   After some serious snuggling and reassurance I lit some candles and found a flashlight.  I wanted to check the basement for flooding.  Thankfully, the pissyfairy was working on the grass and left my basement alone.  Still, I was grateful that it was just a storm.  I had become fretful during storms in the last years with Mom.  I realized that it was my concern about whether she would be warm enough or cool enough or safe enough.  Now?  I’m just breezing along with the breeze and it feels good.  I figure Grover has enough innate sense that he could find any available safety.  Ms. Stinky McFartbutt is another story.  I hope she would stick with Grover because she has the instincts of a gnat and doesn’t even know she’s a cat.

No pictures today.  I had one gorgeous yellow ruffled iris and took it to church for a Fellowship Hour centerpiece, but gave to a dear friend for her condo.  Hopefully, there will be more and I will have the sense to get pictures.

Still.  We do have our soundtrack of the day.  This is from 1982.  Marshall Crenshaw and “Some Day Some Way”.  It’s a real dance tune, so get up and dance.  Oh,and check out those shoulders!

Have a great Monday all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 Responses to A “lighten up” pill

  1. margene says:

    It’s good to lighten up a bit and not take life so seriously. Intensity, OCD, and all that is overrated. I am a bit pissed that it’s Monday, but…no gnashing of teeth allowed. I’ll just go with the flo….drat.

  2. Diane says:

    White shoes…../sigh

    Pets teach us all kinds of things.

    Oh and the rain? It can stop for a while now.

  3. marianne says:

    We just got a few sprinkles here and there. sigh.
    My life got hijacked over the weekend. I need a day of rest and I can’t see it from here. and believe me, I’m looking hard.
    hee. your ‘aha’ moment. and things falling into place. isn’t that just the way?
    onward and upward babe. :^)

  4. heideho says:

    We had sprinkles off and on here, but no major storms or power outages. We need to catch that darned PF, hog tie her and poke her with our knitting needles until she moves elsewhere. Bobby McFerrin’s, “Don’t Worry Be Happy” would be a great song for today too. Hugs!

  5. Emiko says:

    Once I get into the go with the flow mode, things seem to work out much, much better! But I’m too damn stubborn and it takes me quite a bit of time to take that “lighten up” pill and move on sometimes 🙂

    Mondays won’t be too hard for me, as I’ll just be counting down until my vacation – I’m excited!

    Happy Monday!

  6. sophanne says:

    I hear you on the aha moments and lighten up pills. I fegularly check out myself only to find that I’m in an unnecessary state of hurry hurry anxiety anxiety for no good reason other than force of habit.

    I’d like to believe that ‘Lil Liza Jane would find a safe place but when it thunders while we’re there she goes into a little alcove under a big t.v. Not the best avoid-lightning place.

  7. sophanne says:

    regularly not fegularly

  8. Cookie says:

    Good for you! Perhaps you could put that intensity toward controlling the lawn. ;^)


  9. Beth in StC says:

    We left Creve Coeur Saturday about 10 minutes before the tornado hit Des Peres. The drive home was a little nerve-wracking; hydroplaning and no visibility. When we got home, the cats were ticked that we’d disturbed their nap. The thought of Grover and Esau Marie waiting on you to “fix” the lights and music made me grin. We call it the “stupid human” look in our house.

    Storms bothered me much more when we had a cat on insulin, because of the 7-day power outage we had after that bad July storm a few years ago. I had to beg a glass of ice from a hotel up the street to keep the insulin cold; none of the stores had any ice to sell.

    The pissyfairy has been working on our grass all weekend too, so we’ll need to mow before next weekend. Hard to do when you don’t get home until 7:30 most evenings…

  10. Joy says:

    Those aha moments do occasionally come at a good time. Love your fur babies 🙂

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