Knitting for dumb and dummer

I am always up front about my inadequacies and stupids. Ok. Always is a stretch. Let’s negotiate that to often. I am often up front about my inadequacies and stupids. That’s better. I have been working on lace knitting.  It appears that A. I cannot count and B. I cannot follow simple directions. Not being rocket science, knitting is counting and basic stitches. I thought I knew what a CDD was. Twenty-one cast ons later, I realized I might need help. I’m pretty sure I cast on 21 times, but I didn’t start counting until Friday. It may have been more.   Now, I have no delusions about myself.  I’ve lived with me for a very long time.  I eventually pick stuff up.   But, I appear to have more than a small problem admitting that I might be doing something incorrectly.   Over twenty-one times.  I’d find that sad, but I’m encouraged that I’m still trainable.   That says alot to me.   There may be hope.   Once I got the stitch worked correctly (thank the heavens for You Tube), I sailed through the first chart.

Notice the black and white stitch markers.   Just like I knew what I was doing.  The yarn is the sparkly Dreams in Color sock weight.  No idea what the color is, but it’s pale greens.  The pattern is Milkweed.

This coming Saturday is Mom’s birthday, then the next day is Mother’s Day.   I have had a major “sorry for me” on this weekend and finally came to the conclusion that I was being an ass.   I know I will feel pain and miss her.   I do not believe that this pity-party was productive or even acceptable behavior on my part.  In fact, when I realized what I was doing all I could think was “Cynthia (I always call myself by my given name when I’m angry with myself).   You cannot do any of this over, so just move forward.”   It worked.   I’ve been so much better since.   Of course, it anyone were watching me they would be concerned that I have these conversations with myself and often they are out loud.

We had rain this past weekend.   Friday night my brother called to make sure I was ok.   He gets fussy that way and since it’s his way of showing his love, I usually just let it go.   But, this time we couldn’t.   I was watching television (or, trying to) and the weatherdoofs were on on all the stations.   Showing the same radar and saying the same things.  Go to the lowest floor of your house or inside walls or, if you live in tornado country you know the drill.   Well, it was sorta drizzling when the whole thing started.   We ended up having a conference call party between my brother, sister-in-law, elder niece and younger niece(she bailed early).   It was so much fun.   Our area was NEVER in any danger.   There were some bad storms south and east of us.  Yet, for over two hours the local weatherdoofs repeated themselves and threatened and warned and worried.  It was fun only because it was so pathetic.   Maybe, just maybe, we should make the story about the little boy who cried “Wolf!” required reading for the weatherdoofs.  In the end, the St. Louis area had .25″ of rain.  Some lightening and winds.  Nothing like the poor folks in Tennessee.

Now, get out there.  It’s Monday!!!  Have a great day and here’s my soundtrack today, Country Joe McDonald and “Save the Whales”

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8 Responses to Knitting for dumb and dummer

  1. margene says:

    You can do wallow in sorrow and pity if you like, and you might even deserve to do so. Grief takes the time it takes. Nothing less nothing more. But, it will abate and you’ll need to face the world on your own at some point. You can do it, but if you want to wallow a little just keep it short. Love you.

  2. Emiko says:

    I have those conversations with myself too, when I’m trying to snap myself out of a funk (or prevent myself from falling into one), but as margene said above me, grief takes all the time it takes and for each person it is different. You do it at the pace that feels most comfortable for you. *hugs*

    I’m freaking out about Tennessee right now – I’ve seen some pictures of the road we’re supposed to be taking and although it’s not until 2 weeks from now, I’m thinking we need to think of some route backups in case I can’t get through Nashville.. stressful!

  3. marianne says:

    Yes, what Margene wrote, word for word. and to add, you’re the one feeling what you’re feeling and you’ll know, you have great self awareness. you do.
    yummers on the colours in your yarn, and Milkweed is looking great in its infancy :^)
    CDD? what the hecks a CDD, will I giggle and smack my head when you tell me? I live for those moments you know :^)
    egads, don’t get me started on the weatherdoofs. between the YIKES and doom from those folks and “Mississippi Congressman Gene Taylor says the oil spill isn’t so bad after all. During an interview with WLOX-TV Biloxi, Taylor says oil tends to “break up naturally” and referred to it as a “chocolate milk-looking spill.”
    really? my ass. er… no, he’s arse.

  4. sophanne says:

    You had me on cdd as well but I looked it up Miss Center Doubled Decrease. Is that the sam as an sk2p (or slip knit 2 pass over as I like to call it)

    Call me Cranky McFartsnot today for no good reason except maybe we’re channeling?

    Milkweed is on my 10 in 2010 if I ever get past #3.

  5. Cookie says:

    Only 21 times? Slacker.

    Mourning takes as long as it takes… and there will always be reminders.

    Weather dramaz. /sigh


  6. joyknits says:

    You just have to take it at your own pace – hugs! Seriously love the yarn color 🙂

  7. Beth in StC says:

    We were watching a William Powell movie on the TiVo Friday night when my mom (who lives on the east side) called to make sure we were okay. We didn’t even know it was that bad; we had a little rain and no lightening. There’s a lesson there regarding most newscasts, I’m sure.

    My father-in-law passed away last year on the day before Mother’s Day. I’m watching my husband for signs of dwelling (he’s a champion dweller). We’re making plans to get together with both families next weekend; I think he’s hoping the activity will be a distraction. I think he’s going to have to work through it in his own time. I still get a little quiet every fall, for family members who have been gone for over nine years. Cookie’s right–there are always reminders. We can only hold on until the reminders are welcome.

  8. crafterscupboard says:

    Ok…so I liked the pattern before I saw it in full and then fell in love when I saw how LITTLE yarn it uses! I think I know what’s next on the needles. 😉 I wonder how it would look in varigated yarn. Hmmmm…. Want to send me a link for that YouTube video to teach me how to do that stitch?

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