Welcome to Friday, one and all!!!

It only feels like it’s taken a month to get here, but it is finally here and, guess what? I am working today. The money will come in handy because I took Grover to the veterinarian yesterday and blew some serious money. Pets are very expensive, aren’t they? I will continue to have an inoperable driver’s side window until I can work a bit more. I’ll live. Pup was given Rimodyl for pain, heartworm meds and shots and bloodwork. Poor baby.  The vet is concerned about my babiez lack of energy.  Me, too.  I’ll keep you posted.  When the doctor drew blood, my baby cried out.  I left the room.  I’m such a big wuss.   It upset me terribly.  Of course, I’ve been going to this vet for 20 years and he knows me pretty well and understands that I’m rough and tough until it comes to someone I love and then I’m marshmallow.  I’d like to think most of us are that way.

After bringing my pup home and sitting with him until he wound down and relaxed, I went out again.  I was going to grocery shop, but lost interest.  I need note cards so I went to Tuesday Morning. I love the store.   I went in and immediately wandered (it’s my shopping plan).  I found my note cards and a great cocoa mat hanging planter for my front porch.  All I need now are flowers.   I also found a new water dish for the pup.  Please excuse the mud.   I have a large dog and missed that clump.

Isn’t it lovely?   It looks very nice on the kitchen floor, too.  Plus, it’s elevated so he can drink without straining.  He might be spoiled.  Did I mention that?

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend.  Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who are a mom to anybody.   I am a mother to my pup and Stinky.   I will get no presents, but they give me love every day so I don’t care.  Have a great weekend!!!!

My soundtrack today is Cat Stevens and “Moonshadow”.  His stuff was always easy to sing along with, so knock yourselves out!

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 Responses to Welcome to Friday, one and all!!!

  1. Nora says:

    🙂 Love the idea of the crystal pedestal bowl for Grover. Hope it makes his tail wag!

  2. margene says:

    Grover is the only dog I know who drinks from a chrystal bowl. Mox and Max are envious. Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. marianne says:

    LOVE the crystal bowl! Fancy for The Boy, love it!
    You call that a big clump of mud? hee.
    He’s not spoiled, just very ripe, just how we like them :^)

    Happy Mum’s Day to You!

  4. Cookie says:

    Wonderful doggie dish!


  5. Annie says:

    Hey! Did you send that pissyfairy my way? Last Saturday I mowed lawn for six hours, and didn’t finish because my riding lawn mower threw a belt. On Wednesday, I noticed that it needed mowing again.

    Love the water bowl. Hope he is better.

  6. Emiko says:

    What a purdy lookin water bowl! I can totally relate with how you reacted when Grov yelped when they had to draw blood. I’m the same way w/ my Frankie.

    can you believe it’ll be a year since we had Frank last week? It’s flown by so quick!

    I hope Grov is doing better and gives you big licks and barks on mother’s day 🙂 Have a great weekend! I’ll be outta here, yippee!

  7. joyknits says:

    Great water bowl! Toby’s a wuss about stuff like that too, poor fur babies. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. heideho says:

    Holy cow! Grover’s new bowl makes the goblet on the Fancy Feast commercial look chintzy. Glad that Grover’s home and with his mummy. He seems like such a dear, sweet guy that the thought of him being in distress makes me sad. I like browsing through TM too. The mix is always quite eclectic. The last time I was there they even had hand dyed sock yarn… should have bought it. Grrrr. Hope you have a delightful weekend.

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