Newsy Monday

I hope your weekend went well. Mine was fine and dandy.   First of all, Grover is doing fine.   The vet said there is nothing wrong that he can find, so we are going back at walking and living and if  he hurts, I will give him the pain medication the vet gave me.   I love the big goof, so that’s a huge relief for me.  Thank you for all your good wishes for us.

I have come to a good place with Mom’s loss and so was able to enjoy my weekend with my family. We spent intense family time. On Saturday, my BSIL  Denise, Peanut and Peanut’s boyfriend went to Cherokee Street in St. Louis and shopped the antique strip. It is in a very old part of town down from the Lemp brewery. Old brick houses and amazing antiques. Some were amazing only in the audacity of the seller, but there was one shop where Denise and I both decided we could furnish our houses from it. The prices were so in line with new and the furniture is so well made from wood. Real wood. Peanut ended up with a beautiful Japanese watercolor from the 60’s and a small Monet print. I ended up with a print of elephants in glasses and hats that stated the following “Eight enormous elephants expertly eating Easter eggs.” It is obviously an illustration from an old children’s book. I plan on redoing my bathroom around the print. I’ve become enthralled by whimsy. It makes me smile and I think that’s a great way to redecorate.  After 3+ hours of antiquing, we went out to St. Charles to the Bed Bath & Beyond.  Peanut wanted some wall sconces with candles for their bathroom and I wanted a measuring spoon set with 1/8 tsp.  We both found what we wanted and needed (Denise bought herself a nice can opener) and went back to get my BB, Bob.  We all piled into the car and headed out to dinner at Llewellyns on Main Street in St. Charles.  We ate, drank and laughed and had a wonderful time.   By then I was exhausted, so we headed back to their house where I got my car and went home.   I took a bath and gave some lovin’ to the kidz and went to bed.

On Sunday, after walking the pup and washing and doing some chores, I met BB, Denise and Peanut for breakfast at an old fashioned diner near my house.  Nothing trendy about this place.  The only difference between smoking and non-smoking is about 3 tables.  The food was fabulous and cheap.  We then headed to the Columbia Bottom Confluence park.   I fell in love with this mosaic turtle at the backwater site.

Suddenly, mosaics fascinate me.  They always have had a pull on me, but right now they speak to me.   Somehow, I think I need a mosaic in my life (or yard).  This is the backwater (the thing that’s disappearing in Florida and along the Gulf Coast causing ecological tragedy and mayhem) that is so essential to the health and life of large bodies of water.

Algae everywhere and the water moves constantly.  There were birds everywhere but a man fishing there said it was too cool for the fish to bite.   It was in the low 60’s.   I found it magical.  Light and shadows everywhere.  From there we headed up to the confluence overlook (Mississippi and Missouri Rivers) to see that from which we get our strength and our weakness.   Our rivers.

Happy Monday.   Now, I’m gonna dance on outta here with Ike and Tina and “Proud Mary”

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to Newsy Monday

  1. margene says:

    Go Grover! Maybe warmer weather will help. I’d love to see the print and the new bathroom. What a fun idea. It sounds so charming.
    The water is fascinating. It’s a force, a beautiful force that should be protected.

  2. heideho says:

    Antiquing, good food and better company… what a slice of heaven on earth! Will you show us a picture of the elephant print? Perhaps you need to get some supplies and dabble in mosaics. I do hope that Grover feels back to his old puppy self soon. Are people still allowed to smoke in public or in restaurants, etc. there? It’s illegal in Oregon and Washington… even in bars.

  3. Cookie says:

    I’m so glad your little doggie is feeling better and that you had a wonderful weekend!


  4. marianne says:

    So glad and relieved the vet found nothing amiss with Grover!
    Sounds like a most lovely weekend! LOVE the turtle mosaic!!!
    and oh, oh, take a photo and show us your elephants, please?
    Mmmm, good company, good food, fun shopping :^D xoxox

  5. sophanne says:

    I am so completely in favor of magical whimsy. Yippee! There is definitely a need for more of that in the world.

    So, I couldn’t comment on the last Grover post because it was too distressing to think about Grover being not well. I couldn’t even tell you I was thinking good thoughts because I was refusing to accept that there might be anything not good about that wonderdog. Just so you know. I’m really glad he’s doing o.k.

  6. joyknits says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, even if the weather *could* have been a tad warmer. I didn’t realize Llywellyns had expanded to so many locations – we used to hit the original one fairly often. Glad Grover is OK!

  7. Emiko says:

    Your weekend sounded great! I’d be tempted to visit the areas you mentioned, but it looks like we’re not going to be driving through Middle Earth after all and taking a more northerly route instead.

    I love that turtle mosaic – so beautiful!

    I also love that you plan to revamp your bathroom with the new print you acquired – such a cute, whimsical print! I hope you’ll share before and after photos with us 🙂

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