Repeat. It is Friday and we are being invaded by aliens.

Really, we are. OK. I am. This is what I found on my pin oak tree (no comments about fuzzy photography. Oh, hell.  Go on and make them;-D).
It has spikes for pete’s sake.  It looks kinda “Goth”.   I even got up the nerve to poke it with a stick (at least 3′ away).  It’s hard.  Kinda freaked me out though.  It is Horned Oak gall.  That butt-ugly thing contains a cynipid wasp larvae.  You can bet your life I’m gonna find a way to get rid of those nasties.   I’m not much against insect life since there are more of them than us, but I do not like wasps at all and the past few years we’ve had a boatload of them.  Don’t you feel informed?   Better educated?  Smarter?  Yeah, me too.

Thank you one and all for your input on the print/bathroom redo.  I’m very excited.  The majority thought the blue walls were the way to go.  There is a big number in favor of the red or red/orange for the matte and it’s pretty split for the frame.  Aren’t we interesting and wonderful in our differences?  I enjoy the heck out of your ideas. Of course, I will keep you posted.  I plan on getting paint chips this weekend to tape to the wall and live with for a bit.  Of course, I didn’t tell you I have to repair a drywall seam and I will probably have to buy a roll of drywall tape and a bucket of joint compound to do it.  I have been told by my construction industry friends that spackle won’t hold.  I don’t enjoy redoing home repairs, so I want to do it right.  I just haven’t found the least amount of either that I can buy yet.

I also joined Cookie’s “Team Cranky Pants” for the Tour de Fleece this June.  Once again this picture sucks, but it wasn’t raining so the colors are mostly true.  This is what I plan on spinning.

It’s merino top.  I’m determined to get back to spinning 10 minutes a day(hey, that sounds like a Ravelry group I belong to).  I need to finish the Desert Sky roving I have been spinning for ever before I can start it, so this is the kick in the butt I needed to get it done.

Now, it is Friday.  Go forth and party my young ones.  Here is the soundtrack for the day.  Jefferson Airplane and “How do you Feel?”

Have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 Responses to Repeat. It is Friday and we are being invaded by aliens.

  1. margene says:

    You go girl! That’s a load of work to do on the bath. Is there a company you can call to spray the wasps before they hatch? Thanks for starting my day right!!

  2. Diane says:

    Yay! for joining Team CrankyPants! We had a blast last year. What kind of wheel do you have?

  3. sophanne says:

    you said spackle.

  4. Cookie says:

    July 3rd. ;^)

    What the hell is that thing?! Yes, I know you told us, but wow! Can you squish it with pliers or something?

    Lovely roving! I’m so looking forward to the Tour this year.

    Happy Friday!


  5. joyknits says:

    Definitely ugly, but it sounds like the wasps aren’t the type that are interested in people – trying to get rid of them could really cut into your bathroom fixing time 😉

  6. marianne says:

    ahhhhhh, tell me how do you feel? LOVE that song. that album. ooooooooh mercy!
    dang, that gall IS buttugly. blech.
    Mmmm, but that roving sure is Pretty. :^)

  7. Rachel says:

    Isn’t Tour de Fleece in July?

    Does your camera have an icon that looks like a little tulip? That’s macro mode if you have it. Turn it on and you should be able to take better close up pictures….not that I want to see closer pictures of that ugly thing on your tree. 🙂

  8. crafterscupboard says:

    Man I wish I were closer to you!!!! While I can not commit to spinning or knitting for 10 minutes a day I certainly would be happy to tape a joint, spackle a spot or whatever for you in the home improvement portion of your life. I have a home without windowsills and window trim that I hope to remedy this year. 🙂 lol As for colors? Well that to me depends on the people living in those spaces. I love calming and neutral colors. But am inpired by completely other colors….so I can not comment in the color dept. 😦 I just wish I were closer. :)HUGs!

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