“Let No Man Steal Your Thyme”

The cynipid wasps that come from that icky old Horned Oak Gall are only dangerous to the Pin Oak.  That means that this fall (when they appear again), I will have to cut them off.   Oh joy.   Anyway, it’s been raining here in Middle Earth for the past 30 days and nights (only a slight exaggeration).  I’m thinking ark about now.  I have had over 5″ of rain in the past 5 days.  The ground is saturated and the grass is growing at an alarming rate.  I worked on Friday, but was allowed to leave early on account of being a good doobee.  When I got home I went out in the back (in the rain) and weeded for about an hour and a half.   It’s so much easier when the ground is wet, but the temps were in the upper 50’s so I got soaked and cold and gave up.  Still, I got quite a bit done.

Once again my weekend was extremely busy, but fun.  I had a BBQ Friday night, an anniversary open house Saturday and Sunday morning our church got a new pastor (YAY!),  then in the afternoon there was a meeting at the church about an community based art project being created by Charles Brouwer. Both he and his wife are simply lovely people.  I’m quite excited about this “ladder project”.  I’ll write more when I have a firmer grip on the idea.   Still, our church has a statue now on our lawn by Mr. Brouwer.   Here it is. It is called “Higher Thoughts”.  Below that video is a picture of another installation in another city.  Fascinating.  Of course, I love the arts so it’s right up my alley.

I also knit this weekend.  I was working on Milkweed and went screaming past the last row in a chart.  I just adore tinking back an entire row of lace.  I re-started the pattern on the correct row and now my numbers aren’t working.  It’s in a short time out.  I need time and sleep to wrestle with the little shawlette.  I’m still quite enamored of her, though.

That there is one very bored pup.  The rain is beginning to annoy him.  We still walk in the morning, but we’re both getting more than a little tired of coming home soaked to the skin and cold.  I hear tell the rain should stop by Tuesday.  How big is a cubit???

I leave you on this wet Monday with one of the more spectacular examples of the diversity of music from my youth.  Here is Pentangle with the title song.  You have to click twice on the video to see it.

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to “Let No Man Steal Your Thyme”

  1. margene says:

    I hope Milkweed comes to its senses. We planted lime and lemon time this year. I hope no one steals ours! 😀

  2. Diane says:

    I have mold growing on my mold. I too went out in the rain yesterday to do some gardening. Seedlings had to go in before they took over the deck.

    Cross your fingers for sun!

  3. joyknits says:

    Yeah, we have to take the pups out regardless, don’t we? Toby can certainly sop up a lot of moisture 😉 Love the photo of Grover!

  4. Cookie says:

    I hope the rain lets up soon. Or finds it’s way to me.


  5. marianne says:

    Yep. that’s my favourite time to weed, sorry it was so chilly though. rats.
    Awww. He looks so sweet when he’s bored. Love the colours in your rug.
    I had that album too, sweet! You do realize that we listened to at least 99.8% of the very same music, right? right.
    I’m off to check out ‘Higher Thoughts’

  6. marianne says:

    What a beautiful church, a beautiful website, heck, if I were a Christian I’d definitely go there! ;^) (seriously, for reals)

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