Sally go round the roses

I have picked up and set down the Milkweed shawlette/conundrum all weekend. I’m really in a quandary. I don’t know the count I’m supposed to have and am seriously thinking of ripping it and starting over. I’m not upset about the ripping, but it does seem like such a shame. Oh, well, I guess I’d better just do it and get started again. I need to PAY ATTENTION TO MY CHART. I thought if I typed it really big,  it would burn into my brain.  Ever hopeful.

We went from low 60’s on Friday to 85 on Saturday and 90+/- on Sunday.  HELLO SUMMER~!   Of course, my brother told me there was heat alert on Saturday since we aren’t used to it.  Whatever did we do before we got all the idiot warnings?  How were we and are parents and their parents, etc. able to function without the help of government agencies “alerting” us to everyday occurrences?   Simply amazing.

My big old baby, Grover, has been shedding his insulating undercoat for the past two weeks.   I’ve seen fur tumbleweeds rolling down the hardwood floors.  It’s been really bad.  I have been trying to vacuum at least 2-3 times a week while he is molting.   Last Wednesday I had just finished vacuuming and couldn’t get the thing to switch off.  Ruh-roh.   I figured it would be ok as long as it stayed on and I could just unplug it.  Well, we all know that didn’t happen and Thursday I was trying to clean up after myself (dried mud on rug) and it wouldn’t turn on.  I called the D*son people because the vacuum isn’t even two years old.  They were lovely and gave me the place I would need to take it for repair.  It’s about a 1/2 hour drive north of me.  No biggie, but I followed the vacuum cleaner repair guy’s directions.  It took me an hour.  When I got there I had a little trouble letting go of the vacuum (separation anxiety) and asked how long they thought it might take.  I might have whimpered.   The clerk smiled kindly and said “tomorrow”.  I almost died.  One day service?  Who does that anymore?   When she called me on Saturday I went to pick it up and she showed me a label and said if there was another problem, to just give them a call and bring it in and they would do all the paperwork.  Customer service and satisfaction.  They are the Cross Keys Vacuum Repair shop and they have a lifelong customer (only I hope I don’t need them much).

It’s Monday, another work week and the week before Memorial Day.  Here is Pentangle again.  This is the song that made me want to hear more of them so many years ago.  Enjoy.

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to Sally go round the roses

  1. marianne says:

    Yes, Summer IS here in Middle Earth now. To add to those 90+ temps it was dreadfully humid here also. ick.
    Seriously, I hear you, how EVER did we all survive? ;^)
    Wow! now that’s service! did they tell you what had gone wrong with it?
    Happy Monday M’Lady :^)

  2. heideho says:

    What wonderful customer service! I’ve heard good things about those vacuums, but one isn’t in our budget at this time. It’s still rainy and cold here. Our furnace has been running since February. Monday hugs.

  3. joyknits says:

    Definitely summer-ish – I’d be happy if it had waited a while! Great customer service – we’ve had a similar experience with our Oreck cannister vac, though not nearly that fast. We’ve got some of those tumbleweeds here too 😉

  4. sophanne says:

    I’ve run into the same conundrum with my Nancy and Judy shawl. It’s a delicious pattern and yet the stitch count isn’t happening every time. I have made an executive decision that I am not perfect. I try counting stitches. When it doesn’t work exactly right, I add a few. Who’s gonna know and it so fits my own expression of life as I know it.

    Liza isn’t a shedder but my own personal stinky mcfartcat is Maine-coonish in nature. That means that every time the dog picks her up and mops the floor with her, we get our own personal collection of fiber. I’m waiting until July to take care of it. Then I can get it all at once.

  5. Nora says:

    Paying attention… so overrated.

    As to the heat warnings, I had the same thought when I heard that the Twin Cities had a heat alert for today – next thing, we’ll hear about some idiot suing for damages sustained due to inadequate warning of inclement weather.


  6. Emiko says:

    We do have an alert for everything, don’t we? And every storm coverage by the media is some big ole blown out “Storm Twenty Ten”… ugh. Well Middle Earth is certainly moving in extremes as far as weather now isn’t it?
    Send some this way, as it’s still so cold and it’s mid-May already!

    Not looking forward to my first day back to work from vacation today, but at least I have a 3 day to look forward to at the end of this week. Here’s to a fast moving day so that I can get back home 🙂

  7. Cookie says:

    You can have my summer, sweetie. I’m happy without it.

    What wonderful service!


  8. margene says:

    I didn’t see your post! Anyway….
    I wish I could see Milkweed and help you with your chart so you wouldn’t need to rip it out. We’re ready for a little heat. It’s been cold and we had 2″ of snow yesterday morning. Smith must have been a sight while covering his tomatoes and peppers with plastic bags and tarps. He may not be a very good gardener, but he tries. It’s about time companies realized they are in business because of good services. You should expect it, not be surprised by it. Happy Tuesday!!

  9. crafterscupboard says:

    Oh sweetie! I’m so behind on blog reading I’m reading them in reverse order! 🙂 I wish it were summer here! Its still playing Spring here but I figure that’s what we get for having such a mild winter. I’m guessing our Summer is going to be very mild indeed. 😦 Well we get what we get. 😉 I’m trying to plan a new project that’s not a sock for the next on the needles….we’ll see. 🙂 Tucker sends his love while hoping the cool weather holds out. 🙂

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