I’m confused and things aren’t improving

it’s Wednesday. I know it is, but things are confusing for me right now. Nothing bad, just different. I seem to have lost that little switch that makes changing gears and directions easier.   Sometimes that getting older thing just pisses me off.
I am now back to working four days a week, but now I’m off on Mondays. I’ll be fine as soon as I learn my days of the week again.   That, plus the heat and humidity (I sound like a broken record, don’t I?) are beating my butt.   It could be that I’m just not caffeinating enough.  I will caffeinate more heavily today and report back on the results.

So, since I’m confused and unprepared, I will leave you with my soundtrack for the day.  A dear friend whose name I haven’t been given permission (because I haven’t asked) to use so I will refer to her as “S” said that I have an “encyclopedic knowledge of 60’s music”.  I don’t have the heart to tell her that all I do is put it out here and there is almost always one of you reading who knows, and loves, the song.   That means that not only do I know the songs, but so do you, you encyclopedic song lovers, you!!!!!  Here is Betty Everett with hands-down the very best version of “You’re No Good”.

Have a great Hump Day and I’ll see you on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Responses to I’m confused and things aren’t improving

  1. margene says:

    It’s so easy to be distracted and confused by everything and I don’t think it’s our age! Some days are just like that and, hopefully, other days will be good.

  2. Cookie says:

    Today’s Wednesday? o.O


  3. Emiko says:

    distracted and confused is me this week – still getting adjusted to my “normal” routine after being on vacation and stuff, so last week and this week have been me stumbling all over things. Ugh.

    Thank goodness for it being a short workweek though, because Friday needs to get its fat arse here now!!! 🙂

    Happy hump day!

  4. Ariadneo says:

    Crap is it Wednesday already?!!! With the extra time off this last weekend I can’t keep track of the days of the week! lol. Maybe I can use that as an excuse to forget about the socks in the knitting basket and cast on for that Milkweed Shawl? Huh? Do you think? lol

  5. marianne says:

    heh, I don’t know that I ever had that little switch….. I say it’s the weather. it’s not supposed to get this hot this soon. ffs. that said it was nicer this morning :^) XOXOX

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