Friday Update! Quickly now.

I think I’m losing my speed. I tend to take more time to do almost everything these days (except makeup which is still just lipstick). I’m not trying to hurry through my life. I’m trying to pack it as full as possible with fun and stuff. Still, there is a balance to be had and I’m searching for it right now.  This very minute.  I’m giving another 30 seconds and then I’m done.  OMG!  I crack me up.

Anyway.  It is Friday and it’s summer (unofficially) and I’m hoping you are enjoying your unofficial summer so far.   I think I am.  Between the rain and humidity I have enjoyed the sun and warmth and the ability to go outside whenever I wish without having to put on a coat or shoes.

I’m a bit drained today.  There are undercurrents at work that are disturbing.  I’m not about to lose my job next week, or anything like that.  Just family problems in a family business.   Stressful at a time when I don’t wanna deal with it.  Tough toenails, right?

I am still working away on the Milkweed.   I just might post a picture of it in progress next week.  I still love the pattern.

Have a fabulous weekend.   Here is my soundtrack for the day.  Another ear worm, anyone?????  I can be driving along the highway, minding my own business, being a good girl……..and this song will pop into my head.   I don’t even think I liked it when I was eleven, but once it’s in my head it’s there for a lonnnnnng time.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you ever had enough, would you recognize it?

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5 Responses to Friday Update! Quickly now.

  1. margene says:

    I love your last line. Would we?

    IMO, the “official summer” means summer is almost over. I’m not looking forward to it and the shortening days. We still haven’t had any heat. More cool weather and rain is expected this week. What is this? Seattle?
    I hope things settle down for you in the work front. We’re in transition, too and while they say change is good I feel I’m getting to old to deal with it.
    TGIF! At least we have the weekend!

  2. Emiko says:

    rain, rain go away! It’s supposed to be a nice weekend here (about freaking time), so maybe I’ll partake in the WWKIP day tomorrow (after I have to go in to work, ugh).

    I’ve worked in a family owned/operated business and being in the middle (i.e. being exposed to) the family problems at the business was a little much for me. Fortunately for me at the time, it wasn’t an office environment per se, so I just slipped some ear buds into my ear and worked along to music 🙂 I was doing that (along w/ several others) at the office when I’m having a bad day to zone out, but they made a stupid new rule about not using any portable listening devices – grrr!

    Anyway, enough of my ranting. Here’s to a super duper awesome spectacular weekend to all of us!

  3. sophanne says:

    wait- I think I saw balance over here! oh, nevermind that was Justice dragging her props. You crack me up too.

    so much time so little to do- wait- reverse that.

  4. Cookie says:

    I think family and business are a very dangerous combination.

    It’s been A WEEK! and I have had enough.


  5. marianne says:

    yes, why yes, I have at times had enough (of whatev) and recognized it as such.. enough. :^)

    Family crap sucks in the work place, family crisis in the work place is pretty intense stuff too. I got to pondering that and started thinking… oh yeah, like… and it hit me, 90% of all my jobs were with family businesses, either my own or others.

    hee. your tune of the day. I’d forgotten all about that one but it had me giggling, I pictured Bobby in HS handing out 45s of this to all the cute girls, with very high hopes that one or some would ‘see the light’. hahahahahahah.

    Happy Weekend, darlin’!

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