Ten on Tuesday, but it’s Wednesday

Sometimes I have a social life and last night I had one of those. Therefore, and ergo, I’m pooped. I wanted to do this yesterday, but ran out of time, so here we go!
Ten Things I Like About Where I Live:

1.  We have world class attractions that are still free.   The St. Louis Zoo and Art Museum.

2.  The Missouri Botanical Garden is not free, but worth the admission price.  Our garden began, many many years ago,  the task of cataloging all plant life on our planet.

3.  The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  Awesome.

4.  Small town feel with big city attractions.

5.  Four seasons with fairly short winters (I get tired of darkness, so this is wonderful).

6.  The parks.  We have some gorgeous parks including Tower Grove Park established by Henry Shaw and Forest Park that houses the Muny Opera (outdoor summer theatre at its best), the Art Museum, Steinberg Rink, Dwight Davis tennis courts and an 18 hole golf course.

7.  Wonderful and fun farmer’s markets.  Buy and eat locally and all that!

8.  Terrific libraries.

9.  Multiple knitting shops and a wonderful knitting/spinning/weaving/crocheting community.

10.  Diversity.  I’m proud of our diverse community whether it is race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

I could keep on going, but as I noted earlier, I’m tired.  So, here is my soundtrack for the day.  It’ll probably give you a major hint where I live.

Here is the incomparable Bessie Smith………………………………………….

Have a great Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, but it’s Wednesday

  1. Diane says:

    One of these days, I’m dragging the husband over to St. Louis to the Botanical Gardens. In winter, we say let’s go and then never get there.

    Nice list.

    And having a social life is good.

  2. rebkatz says:

    You left off Ted Drewes! (Ah, such fond memories from my years in college…)

  3. margene says:

    It’s good to love where you are.

  4. Emiko says:

    I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get a chance to drive through on my road trip as initially planned, but I’ll just have to make my way down that way another time 🙂

  5. heideho says:

    I’d love to come to St. Louis someday and have a personal tour (darned finances). Your home town sounds wonderful. Hope you and your kids are keeping cool back there in Middle Earth. Cheers!

  6. That is a great list! I really need to visit Middle Earth one of these days. The closest I came was on my drive to move from ND/MN to CO. I did drop far enough south to drive across Kansas as I had a place to crash free in Manhattan.

  7. Cookie says:

    What a wonderful list!


  8. joyknits says:

    You & Annie both have great lists, but I’m another who would want to add Ted Drewes :oP

  9. marianne says:

    Oh I really should leave the cave more often, and your home state is sorta kinda right next to mine. You have a great list, those botanical gardens I’d love. especially. well, and you’re there. and those fibre stores. oh, and Grover boy and EM. and and. and.
    I’m tired too. damn it’s nasty out. give me snow any day. :^)

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