Friday, July 15, 2010

Another Friday has rolled around. YAY!!!!!!!! We loves us a Friday!  Make plans for the weekend, quickly!!

I have been suffering from “the wants”.  There is a sweater designed by my Joy that I have been hankering for since I first saw it.  It’s the Portland Tweed sweater.  I even bought the magazine with the pattern.  The problem is this.  I haven’t really knit a sweater in a long time and this one is marked “Experienced”.  I’m not normally intimidated by labels, but I look at this sweater and I wonder if I’m up to it…….or, if I may be up to it later.   I have too many things on needles, so I feel pressed to complete at least one or two of my UFO’s, but I most definitely want this sweater.   I want it in a blue/gray.   I think that would be simply beautiful.  Can you tell I’m dreaming?   I plan on knitting this sweater.  It’s a gorgeous design and totally appropriate for the office or a hike.   That appeals to me.  But, I’m trying to be firm with myself and just let it sit in the queue until I have some other finished objects.

I have also been spinning, just not Tuesday or Wednesday.  I did spin last night, but I’m not much further and my pictures last night looked mighty lame.   This has been, and is, so enjoyable for me.  I feel almost selfish having this much fun just for me, but it’s ok.  I’m worth it.  And, my spinning seems to be improving, and, best of all, I’m relaxing.  I wish everyone could try spinning.  It feels like a natural action for human hands.   With a spinning wheel it becomes meditative.   I think some of us (me included) need to learn to sit better and not put so much strain on our joints and muscles, but it is a wonderful hobby.  I think I can do better on the price.  Let me check with my manager.  (who am I trying to sell this to?  I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the choir)

Anyhoo.  Today I don’t work at the office, but I will be running errands and cutting the grass and, hopefully, bushwhacking again.   I’m trying to clear the back 40 by filling up recycling containers every single week this summer.   So far, so good.

Stay cool.   Have a great weekend.  BTW, nobody guessed where I live;-D   Here’s today’s soundtrack.  I personally adore the Muppets and I just found this Sam Eagle video for “American Woman”.

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to Friday, July 15, 2010

  1. heideho says:

    Happy Friday Cynthia! Hope you, Grover and Esau Marie have a cool and relaxing weekend.

  2. Sophanne says:

    As you were dreaming of your sweater I realized I was joining you when I got to the words blue/gray and thought “no it isn’t! It’s in that tigers eye handspun I bought inApril!”

  3. margene says:

    You could knit that sweater! It’s something you need to feel very committed to. Cables are easy, but in a full sweater they’ll require concentration and time. You can totally do it.

  4. Emiko says:

    You can totally do it! I say go for it! Maybe we can have a cardi-a-long, because I really want (and have already bought the yarn for) the Tea Leaves Cardigan. Maybe I should start working on that as soon I finish the Clapotis.

    I’m suffering from the wants too – although I haven’t knit much, I have bought a LOT of yarn since the beginning of this year. I’m just so inspired by all the yarn, color, patterns, but just can’t quite start (and finish!) anything.
    Boyfriend and I have been seriously considering cutting our cable altogether, and just watching movies on netflix, so that would increase my knitting/reading time – something I haven’t done much of on both.

    You really make me want to try spinning.. but you won’t sway me to the dark side, you won’t! 😉

    Happy Friday, dear Cindy – have a great weekend!

  5. Cookie says:

    Happy Friday!

    People spin? ;^)

    Of course, you can knit that sweater. It’s up to you to decide when.


  6. Diane says:

    /sigh I miss the Muppets.

    Have you done cables before? If so, I bet you could totally do that sweater. The trick is just not to get intimidated by it. One stitch at a time.

    Besides, if you have problems, you know the designer!

  7. marianne says:

    WoW! That is one gorgeous sweater isn’t it? and of course you can knit it, like Cookie wrote, you just have to decide when. and like Diane wrote.. one stitch at a time.
    I’m enjoying my spinning too. finally finished up a 4 oz polworth, plied even. and I actually made my virgin run with navajo plying with the left over singles. !!!!!
    Hmmm. I know where you live… and I pretty much figured everyone else here knows where you live…
    it’s Saturday. do you know where your spinning wheel is?

  8. joyknits says:

    Of course you can knit that sweater, and you know where to find me! You could always start with sampling the cable panel – the rest of it is moss stitch anyhow ;o)

  9. JulieC says:

    Some of us know where you live, so it didn’t seem fair to “guess” 😉
    Love the Portland Tweed jacket. I think I’ll have to go find that magazine, too. Of course, my collection of WIPs is overwhelming. I’m trying to reduce it, though. I want to figure out how to knit sweaters that I can actually wear.

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