I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got in on Sunday afternoon. I was pretty tired, but wanted to go get the “kidz” from their camp. After depositing the suitcase and getting my family on the road to their own abode, I drove over to get them. Grover wagged his tail for me. That’s it. Esau (Ms. Stinky) just looked at me with contempt. We got home and Esau went to the basement and Grover went to his dining room table den. I am noticing some separation anxiety, but it’s gonna have to wear off.  This morning, Grover and I went out to a park and walked.  It was warm and humid, but the walk was good and he was exhausted.  Then, I came home to cut the lawn.  The grass was so high when I got home from Chicago that the house looked abandoned.   Anyway, it looks good now.  I needed to get it done before the temps rose.  We’re looking at 100 this week.   Maybe even today.  yay.   Now, I need to do laundry.  I have no clean clothes.

I had a fabulous vacation.  We took the train from St. Louis.   It was cool and fun and we weren’t driving.  When we got on the train conductor told us we were only doing as far as Dwight, IL.  Then, we were going to be bussed to Joliet, IL.  The train ride was wonderful.   The train pulled into Dwight and we waited……….and, waited………..and, waited for the bus.  Now, the Amtrak folk only had 5 hours to plan for the buses.  If it hadn’t been such an interesting adventure, I would have been furious, but it was an adventure.   We finally got on a bus (only 8 out of about 200 were going to Joliet, everyone else was headed to Chicago).   The family was separated, but I got to sit next to Peanut.  There were young men who had just been released from prison on the bus.  There were families.   There were elderly and infirm.  It was interesting and enjoyable.  We had a very enjoyable stay with some friends of my brother and sister-in-law.   Lou and Alice are such lovely people.  Then on Thursday morning, we took Metra (Chicago Transit Authority) to the city.  Metra is an amazing and efficient public transport service.  I so wish we could get that going here.

I’ll leave my  story here, for now, because I need to leave you with my soundtrack for the day.  In honor of Ozfest coming to Chicago next week, I think.   Here is Black Sabbath from 1970.

Have a great Monday, all!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Sophanne says:

    Exclamation points can not express how glad I am that you have returned home and safely. Not even upside down ones.

    We had a bus ride on an Amtrak trip- I can’t remember which one- we were very much not expecting it and it was very much not the best part of the ride-especially when seats were at a premium toward the end of the ride. You make it sound much nicer than I imagine it was!

  2. Cookie says:

    You’re HOME!!! 😀


  3. Diane says:

    Wow, you sure were mellow about the delay and the busing. I don’t think I could have been so cool.

    Can’t wait to hear all about the fun you had.

  4. heideho says:

    Glad you had a great trip. The kids will get over it. I love train rides. When they transfer you to a bus do you get any kind of a refund? Did you take pictures on your vacation?

  5. margene says:

    It’s so good to have you back home! You were missed. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. The kids will be upset for awhile but they’ll calm down with every treat you give.

  6. Emiko says:

    We missed ’round here – glad you’re back! That’s the one thing I hate about going away, when I want Frank to be purry and lovey and I’m lucky if he even looks at me. But they always come around, so we just have to give it a little time 🙂

    The train ride sounded nice, but I would’ve been a little pissy waiting around for the bus, but sometimes it happens. It’s better than getting stuck waiting on a train and not able to get out, which is what happened to Bear, his daughter and I when we went up to Canada. Not fun!

    Look forward to hearing about your trip!

  7. marianne says:

    SO glad you’re back, that you had great times, and personally I’m not at all surprised by your more laid back approach to the initial delays :^)
    I’m with you, wishing we had more train travel and metra systems available everywhere!
    Heh, yep, the kids will get over it, funny how they get so miffed, eh?

  8. Joy says:

    Welcome back – you were definitely missed! Sounds like a neat trip 🙂

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