Boy, have I missed you guys!

It was a lovely break, but I need to come back and be with my peeps.  And, yes, thank you, I do sound like a dweeb.  Still.  I have missed you all.   It’s been a whirl of activity around here….not.   I have been working on the bathroom slowly (my one and only housework speed).  I also have a picture of the winning colors with the framed and matted print.   Which do you think I chose?  I was going to let everyone weigh in again, but was stunned by my love for the color and what  I could do with it.  That’s how I operate creatively.  I wander along minding my own business and WHAM! something strikes my fancy and it’s all over.

As you can see, the glareproof glass was a tad too expensive, so we have glare  (which is always cheaper in case you needed that information for the future).  Isn’t the mat bright and cheery?  OK.  Quickly now.  Don’t think about it too much.  What color would YOU paint the walls?????

Which color should I paint my bathroomonline survey

Here is another shot (different perspective only).

I’m dying to hear what you think .   I’m still not done with the stupid taping.   It’s the sanding that gets to me.  I wear a mask, but it still gets into my throat and it’s nasty stuff.   I know.  whinewhinewhine.   Anyway,  I need to get it done so I can get going on the painting part.  You know, really?   All I lack is the finishing up.  (old construction joke)

To send you on your way on this FRIDAY!!!!!! (how could I forget?).  Here are the Staple Singers again (the video version was awful) and “I’ll Take You There” .

HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND, ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 Responses to Boy, have I missed you guys!

  1. margene says:

    Happy weekend to you, grrlfriend. Don’t spend it all in the bathroom. Get out and breath the fresh air once in awhile. I vote for lavender!!

  2. Emiko says:

    Welcome back! I voted blue – I really like the blue against the picture and frame – really brings it out!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Rachel says:

    Is that first color black and the second color a green? If so, green with black accents.

    • knitwonpurltoo says:

      No, dear. It is aubergine without gloss so it’s hard to see, but you were the one who suggested it. Do you still hold to your choice? This is so much fun. Everyone is so different!

  4. sophanne says:

    Welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy friday.

  5. Cookie says:

    There you are! 😀

    I have no idea. I’m all Nieblinged out and can’t think about anything right now.


  6. joyknits says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! Love the print – that mat just makes it pop, doesn’t it – fun :o)

  7. marianne says:

    SO very good to see you!!!
    Hoo boy, colour decisions. LOVE the mat!!!!! What a GORgeous colour!
    Wall colour….. this is where the ‘hoo boy’ comes in… the aubergine is looking black but since our back br walls had aubergine on them I know what it really looks like and I do like’s quite stunning. I really like the lavender and yet I oddly like the green also (which really surprised me).
    Lavender. light bright fun cheerful
    (that was really hard)
    mud dust IS nasty stuff! gets on your skin, in your hair (even when you have your hair wrapped up) nasty nasty nasty!

  8. heideho says:

    Welcome back. The print looks great. Don’t ask me about color… after seeing the matted results I think the darker, buttery yellow from the picture would be best, and that isn’t in the running. I missed you.

  9. Well, we missed you too! I can’t wait to hear which color hit you (gently and kindly I hope).

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