Stand down. I feel a grump coming on.

I don’t wanna feel grumpy, but I’m miserable because of the allergens in the air. Monday mold was 151,700 and yesterday it was 71,000 something. I can’t hear well, my eyes itch and I have a headache and all together they make me grumpy.  It might be hard to tell the difference in my grumps, but this is the current strain.  My David even accused me of being curmudgeonly.    At first I was a bit perplexed, then the grump in me decided that curmudgeonly is a very good description of my most common strain of the grumps.  There is also frustrated grumps, hurt feelings grumps and my personal favorite, does anything ever go right grumps.  I think grumps and curmudgeons are merely those of us who are no longer children having an acceptable, by societal standards, tantrum.  I’ll stomp my feet and scream and then I’ll get my way turns into I’ll cut you off at the knees and disagree with everything you say and want.  Of course, allergy-related grumps are not tantrums, but merely an extension of feeling lousy and being unable to see or hear.  I’ve just written 180 words on grumps.   Lord help me.   I’m back.

So, I’ve been without working satellite television since around the 10th of September.  I called and they can’t come out until this Friday.   Monday I realized I didn’t miss it at all and called to cancel my account.   You know, don’t you, that I didn’t actually cancel.  Part of the reason is that they won’t take down the satellite dish.  It stays on your roof loosening up the roof tiles and eventually requiring repair.    (see allergy-related grump above)  So, they offered me a discount to keep it for six months.  I figure that gets me through the winter and in the spring if I still don’t really want it, I can call and get it cut off.   I’m nothing if not reasonable (but grumpy).

I’m still knitting on the “Last Year’s Christmas Scarf” for my BSIL.  I think I might be getting close to finishing, but there is still quite a bit of yarn and I’m unclear how far I should really go with it.  For now, I think I’ll keep on knitting because there is nothing chintzier than a too-short scarf, plus I have plenty of beads for that yarn.

To leave you on this wonderful random Wednesday, my soundtrack is Stanley Jordan’s amazing version of “Eleanor Rigby”

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to Stand down. I feel a grump coming on.

  1. margene says:

    You’re entitled to grumps once in awhile. Do something nice for yourself like eating a cupcake. 😉
    I’d give up cable TV in two seconds, but Smith can’t live without it.

  2. marianne says:

    Hah, I got your grumps right here ;^) only I’m just cranky. feeling cross with the weather (ok, it is getting better…) the high mold and ragweed, the wind, it’s dry. meh and bah.
    cupcakes? Margene has cupcakes? oh.. just a suggestion, sigh.
    teeveeeee. I have my faves, used mostly for knitting background :^) plus I sure do like my Turner Classic. xox

  3. joyknits says:

    Even if you’re grumpy, and the muggies and allergens have NOT been nice, glad you’re back! Hugs!

  4. Cookie says:

    You’re allowed to be grumpy when you’re fighting allergies! In fact, if you weren’t, I’d be a bit worried about you.


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