You were expecting pictures?

That would mean I had accomplished something. I’m sorry, kids. There has been nothing accomplished here. I didn’t knit until Sunday afternoon. I spent Friday running and then cleaning and then being told that my D*rectTV receiver’s hard drive had crashed. WOW!  When I asked the very nice tech if it was common, he said “oh, no.  Maybe once in a blue moon.”  Really?  Ah, well.   Grover made a really good friend and made me acutely aware that he is truly a gentledog and extremely well bred.  Plus, I got two weeks credit and was finally able to watch Jon Stewart on the real screen.

Then, on Saturday I met some of my sorority sisters for lunch.  Now, before you make some unkind remark, I would like to tell you that I went to a very small women’s college in the middle of Missouri.  The sororities were social outreach and I do not regret joining.  I am an Alpha Chi Omega from William Woods College.  They say they’re a university now, but really?  I don’t think so.  They can call themselves anything they want, but they are still a small midwestern college in the middle of Missouri.  And, after (coughcough) years I was surprised at how much we had to talk about.  And, very little of it was gossip.  I really didn’t remember a couple of people that were discussed.  Too much space and time I guess.

After lunch, I went home and did laundry until my BB , BSIL and Peanut came by to pick me up to go to dinner at The King and I.  A lovely Thai restaurant in south city.   The food was fabulous, people.   No one exaggerated when they said how good the food is.   It really really is.

My mystery is still a mystery, but I’m not feeling like much will happen.  Just a gut reaction.   If I don’t hear anything by Tuesday, then I know the good news isn’t.   Whatever happens is ok with me.   I’m learning to roll with the punches a bit.

Here’s David Bowie again (I love this man) with “Ziggy Stardust”.  Did you know he premiered the character here in the US??

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to You were expecting pictures?

  1. joyknits says:

    Sounds like a nice weekend! Haven’t been to The King & I in years – glad to hear it’s still good. Actually we haven’t been down on S. Grand in a long, long time.

    The college near KC we went to (mumble) years ago also now calls itself a uni – seems to be the trend.

    Fingers crossed that your mystery turns out well!!!

  2. Emiko says:

    The Thai restaurant sounds yummy! I wonder why colleges are doing that? I think college has more charm and would be an appealing description… unless enrollment somewhere has gone down and they’re trying to compete with bigger universities. Ah well. I was a community college transfer to a university and I’m glad I got to enjoy both. Not sure if I’d have had a positive experience if I went straight to uni though because it was such a HUGE change for me, so the transition definitely was something that worked for me.

    Sheesh, I’ve rambled on enough for a Monday morning – guess I’m still all riled up from my walk from yesterday 🙂

  3. marianne says:

    Two weeks credit but really, Seriously, the best part has to be getting to watch Jon :^) (!!!)
    Sounds like it was a great and busy weekend!
    Still keeping everything crossed for you.
    Aahhhhh. Loves me some David. There’s a video of him and Marianne Faithful performing ‘I got you babe’ that I enjoyed seeing a while back, had me in giggles, his little wiggles just slay me.

  4. Cookie says:

    That’s okay. I finished a baby blanket and did some spinning over the weekend. I did more than enough for both of us. ;^)

    Fingers crossed!

    Now I’m hungry…


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