The training wheels are off.

Today I start without my mentor/trainer at the new job. Each day I become more acquainted and comfortable with it, but I have a long way to go. The thing I’m really encouraged about  is the adjusting to the hours and the lateness of arriving at home in the evening. I don’t feel quite as much like I’m just working and sleeping. The added hour to my sleep didn’t hurt either.
I did knit for a little bit yesterday, but it feels weird and I think that that is only because my right arm has been unused for the most part for almost 2 weeks. I promised I would wear the sling for two full weeks, but I’m not wearing it at night and I’m trying to wean myself off of it a bit at other times.  I honestly believe that I should use it more without adding any weight.

I do have a complaint, though.  I’m really tired of me.  I’m tired of thinking about how I feel and if I hurt and how much I’m coughing and how hard it is to get a full night’s sleep.   Yesterday afternoon I decided I was bored with myself and needed to just get on with it.   Put on my “big girl panties” and go.   So.  That’s what I’m doing.   I also decided (before the fall) that I didn’t want to be the lay-liturgal anymore.   I did it for five times and never really enjoyed it, so I’m off the list.   Public speaking is no longer terrifying, but it is also not something I enjoy.

BTW, does anyone have any ideas how I can rake without using one arm too much?   I’ve been thinking about it and I can’t really puzzle it out.   I do not like blowers and the one I have weighs a ton so I don’t want to do that.   Raking isn’t all that bad, but you kinda need both arms.   Just to explain.  I get into anything I do.   I ignore pain and just do the job.  I have always been this way.  I am just trying to work smarter.

I tried to take pictures of myself with the sling.   It’s designer.  Navy meshy polyester with a lovely white nylon trim.  The strap is a stunning soft white polyesterish material held together with a V*lcro type material.  This has to be stronger than any other I’ve ever used.   It won’t pull apart unless I give it everything I have, so it’s probably a good thing for an arm sling.  Still, it’s uglier than sin.

Since I’ve no new knitting to show, and Stinky McFartbutt has been shown lately so here’s pic of my big boy.   Last Wednesday at choir, he was sitting on the top step of the chancel and sorta rolled down the steps.   I heard gasps, but when I looked he was just sitting there looking dazed.   My sweet “D” went to check on him and reassure him, but he was fine.   Everyone was so solicitous.   What sweethearts.   I would have just told him to walk it off and then given him a cookie.   The last thing I need is a whiny cry-baby dog.  Also, doesn’t the yard look lovely?   I do not remember that last time we had any real rain.  They keep promising it to us, but so far, nada.   It’s so dry I’ve had to start the humidifier.   I don’t normally get that out until after Christmas.   Sheesh!

So.  It seems I’m better.  I’ve been blithering for a while now.   Have a wonderful day and here’s my soundtrack, Quicksilver Messenger Service and “All I Ever Wanted”

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9 Responses to The training wheels are off.

  1. margene says:

    There is no reason you need to be all things to yourself. High someone to clean the leaves from your yard. Keep it simple, sweetie. Be kind to yourself, in fact, be extra kind to yourself as you transition from job to job and extra, extra kind as you heal from your injury.

  2. marianne says:

    I quite understand, the raking of the leaves, the just doing it and ignoring the pain BUT after quite a bit of thought I’ve come up with nada… so leave the leaves for now and just don’t fret. You’ll heal sooner and be back at it but seriously, for now just let it go. mokay?
    Grover… sorta rolling down the stairs, huh? was he having a daydream and/or senior moment.. and just forgot the stairs were there? :^)
    I hear you on the lack of humidity, wth? we have a little moisture in the air in the early mornings but then it’s gone, dry dry dry! now why couldn’t we have a bit of this during the Summer? meh and bah!
    Chin up, sling on, carry forth, and have a good Monday! xox

  3. Emiko says:

    I third the leaving the leaves as is. I like hearing the crunch of leaves when I walk on them. The world won’t fall apart if you don’t rake em up Right.Now. Just give your arm a little more time to heal – that’s more important 🙂

    I’m also curious how/why lil Grov fell rolled down the stairs. Was was sleeping at the top? I’m glad he didn’t hurt himself though and that he had a lot of ppl looking after him.

    Here’s to a smooth mentor-free first week at your new job – go Cindy go!

  4. I’m tired of me too, if it is of any consolation. It gets old having to take constant inventory of your body and dole out tasks only as it can handle them. Don’t worry about the leaves for the moment. You don’t want to prolong the recovery period by pushing too much too soon.

    The tale of Grover’s fall reminded me of Brandon’s amazing acrobatics on the futon in the TV room last night – he flipped over backwards, head first and like a cat somehow managed to land on his feet. It was quite the sight. I’m glad Grover is okay.

    I hope you have a great week!

  5. Cookie says:

    Can you get someone to mow for you? Much faster than raking. ;^)

    Such a pretty boy.

    I think you might get the rain we had over the weekend. I hope so.


  6. Joy says:

    Glad you’re doing better and that the job is coming along! I’m definitely in the “hire someone to rake” camp – NOT a good plan to charge ahead and undo the healing.

    Grover’s incident sounds like one of Amber’s “thud” moments – poor baby ;o)

    hang in there – hugs!

  7. Nora says:

    I hope you’re feeling better soon, Cindy – definitely don’t push it by raking. That’s what 8th grade boys are for.


  8. Nancy says:

    Hire Denise. She seems to like raking leaves, just ask her. Love you. See you at Christmas.

  9. Annie says:

    I agree with the others. Either leave them or hire it done. Don’t injure yourself further.

    I was going to suggest that you knit yourself a sling cover, but I don’t want you to use that arm/hand so nevermind.

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