The winter “meh’s”

I always get like this right after Christmas. I believe the intense everything of the holiday season gets me on the hamster wheel and I have trouble getting off. When you are busy “doing” you aren’t “being”. I am working on the “being” part right now. The living in the moment and enjoying every moment. I have caught myself a couple times this past week looking ahead. For me, that is bad form. I am much happier and live more completely in the moment when I don’t look forward as much.   Oh, and the weather hasn’t helped all that much either.   It’s cold here.   Grover and I go out in the cold and walk.  He is happy at 10F.   Me, not so much.   I was lamenting that I don’t have a balaclava (not the Greek dessert;-P), but when I looked at them online I decided it was too late in the season to buy one.  Sometimes, I wonder what planet I live on.   Even here in Middle Earth, January is still early winter.  We have at least February and the first weeks of March before we move away from winter.   It seems I need to go buy a balaclava next weekend.

These are the first socks I ever knit for my Mom.   I found the picture in my files that came from my oldest computer.   I loved those socks and they looked darling on her feet, but they got holes in them and I don’t know where they ended up.   Ah well.   I have the picture to remember them by.  They were soft as could be, too.  I’m being nostalgic because I keep forgetting to take pics when the sun is out.

My soundtrack for today is Dave Mason and Mama Cass Elliott.   They made an album together and I heard some songs this weekend and it triggered some great memories.  Plus, those two sounded great together.  Here they are with “Pleasing You”.

Have a great Monday!!!

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9 Responses to The winter “meh’s”

  1. Emiko says:

    I get the same way after the holidays – too much doing and not being. I am getting some knitting done, so this kind of “doing” is just fine 🙂

    We’re supposed to get snow middle of this week – we’ll just see how much (hopefully enough to stay home from work, haha)

    Have a great monday!

  2. margene says:

    There must be a “syndrome” named for after Holiday blehs. It’s highly contagious, too. The socks are beautiful, bright and make for good memories.

  3. Diane says:

    I’m usually pretty productive this time of year but I’ll admit that I seem to be spinning from one project to another lately, my focus is very scattered. I blame it on the short days of winter and hope to do better when it’s a little warmer.

    Four inches of snow already and no sign of it letting up.

  4. Cookie says:

    Such pretty socks. I think the super soft ones tend to have shorter lives because of all the extra love they get because they are soft.

    o.O That was a sentence.


  5. heideho says:

    Happy to see an old picture of some socks that were much-loved. The winter blahs have hit everyone hard. At least you have the beauty of snow to make the season different. We just have colder rain and more gray skies. But cheer up, spring will be here soon!

  6. I’m with you on the winter blah’s. I suspect that is part of my lack of energy right now. I’m glad to have the hecticness of the holiday season done, but it did lend a certain structure that did not allow me to slow. Now that I have slowed down it is hard to ramp back up. *sigh* While it may still be early winter, I know come the first or second week in February I start really noticing the days lengthening and that usually helps – and it isn’t really that far away!

  7. sophanne says:

    roll with the way you feel because it will soon change. That’s what I say friend.

  8. At least you might be able to find a balaclava on sale since stores are already looking for space to put out swimsuits, etc. ;P

    Leaving for work in the dark & coming back home in the dark makes it nearly impossible to remember to take daylight knitting pictures. Photo documentation of my January knitting is always spotty at best.

    If it weren’t for birthdays of family & friends, I would say January is a complete waste of a month. I’d happily skip straight from Christmas to February, given the chance.

  9. marianne says:

    well gee, I’m just so shocked!!! :^)
    After the holidays I just want to really hibernate and really, it’s more healing from the ‘culture shock’, being out more, around waaaay more people, eh? but no. that has to wait. but really, all I want is to live in.the.moment. and not have to think about days ahead/planning for.
    so, get out there and find your balaclava! and while you’re at it, pick up some baklava for good measure ;^) xoxox

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