It’s Random Wednesday again

Welcome back to Random Wednesday.    Over the New Year weekend, I caught a couple of “Twilight Zone” episodes.   I realized while watching them that I am becoming a fossil.  It’s not like it’s a news flash, but I learned to tell time on a dial clock, or rather, the picnic plate with the arrows.   I know how to drive a stick shift.   I learned to type on a typewriter.  I’m too old for the ‘New Math”.  I played records, eight-track tapes, cassettes, cd’s and now mp3 players.  When I was a kid, people dressed up to travel.  Hell, when I was a kid, people dressed up to go shopping.   We darned our socks when they got holes in them.   We repaired our shoes when they got holes in them.   I remember when man first stepped on the moon.   I’m not nostalgic.  I’m just realizing that I’m old.  I have alot of years left in me, but I have lived a huge chunk of time and there have been so many changes in the years I’ve been alive.   wow.  I know I’ve mused about this before, but it still amazes me.

I did finish the pumpkin hat, but no pics yet.   It’s warm and snuggy and lovely and I’m happy with it.   I will get a photo when I can.   Maybe this weekend when there is sunshine or just sunlight.   It’s just too dark for me to get anything at all!!

These are the remnants of my coneflowers from last summer.  I love how the snow worked into the pods.

The snow is slowly melting.  Each day is a new day of ice and icicles (yes, I still have them).  I would break them off, but fear that might cause more problems than having 3-4′ icicles hanging off my roof.   We still have February, but this has been a winter January that we haven’t seen in years.

Now, to leave you with the Wednesday soundtrack …….. another version of “Louie Louie”.  This is by Paul Revere and the Raiders.  Enjoy!!!!

Have a great Wednesday all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to It’s Random Wednesday again

  1. margene says:

    Isn’t it amazing the changes we’ve seen. I realize why your musing again as it’s close to your big birthday. I had one more thing to muse about with mine being last year, the fact that I was alive. Anyhoo….PR couldn’t sing that song worth a damn…imo. 😉

  2. Cookie says:

    I was thinking about that the other day. Nothing like having friends who can’t remember life before Post Its to bring it home.


  3. sophanne says:

    now we’re getting it from the south!

    I’m old. The oldest of the brothers babybaby was enchanted by this fancy toy called an etch a sketch.

  4. Tina S. says:

    Sure miss you on DOT’s! Stop by sometime!

  5. joyknits says:

    From one fellow fossil to another – isn’t it amazing? I never did get any 8-tracks, but do still have some vinyl and my old Royal typewriter. And I *still* drive a stick shift, but now it’s 5 on the floor, instead of 3 on the column 😉

  6. marianne says:

    Right there with you, Sweetheart, on the ‘living through the Ages’, snort, no seriously… stuff has changed a Lot! and just think about the changes our parent’s and grandparent’s generations lived through.. and some of those folks are still alive. aMAZing.
    We had temps in the 70s yesterday and due again today. I cleaned the front yard yesterday, I’ll tend to the backyard today because then tomorrow (Sunday) we’re to be hit with the cold again. XOX

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