Holy ho ho.

I have no idea what the title means. I just love how it sounds when I say it. And, if I keep going with the ho ho ho ho ho’s, then it makes me laugh. I’m easy to entertain.

I have allowed the magpie to take over again.  I have enough works in progress to keep me busy for a year, but I got distracted…..again.  This time it’s POTHOLDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was looking at my potholders and realized they are about the most butt-ugly things in the world.  All are old and stained and just hideous.  I’m slowly trying to brighten my life up a bit and I want pretty potholders.  I joined the Ravelry Potholder exchange group, but if I like my own enough I might keep them, but if I get 5 completed quickly, then I’ll send them in and, hopefully, get five brand spanking new pretty handmade crocheted potholders in return.  It’s a win-win proposition.   The front above went quickly even though I’m rusty on the crocheting.   It certainly is bright, isn’t it?

I am still spinning, but I only spin about 20 minutes a day so everything takes a while.  Hopefully, this week I will finish up the roving that Lil Bit gave me for my birthday last year and then,  it will be plyed and I can start on something new.   I plan on spinning the new pretties and then older pretties in my stash, then something new, then something older.   Everyone needs a plan.  It may not be a good plan, but it’s a plan.

Here is my soundtrack for today.  I have used this one before, but it is Jim Morrison and the Doors.  What a great way to start a new week.   Here is “Soul Kitchen”

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to Holy ho ho.

  1. margene says:

    Your potholder is darling! I love the bright colors, which work together well. I crocheted some coasters and thought about doing potholders, but decided it was too much work. I hope you can send in your 5 for the exchange because it is fun to get 5 from other people!
    Love me some Doors!

  2. joyknits says:

    Certainly bright, but the colors work together – I think I’d have trouble parting with that one too! How did you do with the storm last night? We got mostly wind, some rain and a lot of noise, so Toby spent the night under the bed (a good trick – the edge of the bed isn’t all that high off the floor)!

  3. Emiko says:

    Holy ho ho, like holy twinkies, hehehe

    Love the potholder! I really need to learn now to crochet, just to do stuff like edgings and potholders (or blankie squares). Someday 🙂 I’ve been trudging along on my shawl, but can only do a few rows at a time. Knit as I watched the Oscars last night, so was able to progress just a little further. Every bit helps (and is enjoyable too of course). Happy Monday!

  4. heideho says:

    Love your plan for spinning! Love the pot holder exchange! Hope you have an amazing Monday!

  5. Nora says:

    🙂 ho ho ho to you, too! Cute potholder.

  6. Cookie says:

    Any plan in a storm! ;^)


  7. marianne says:

    holy ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! I LIKE that! and I LOVE your little potholder in progress, anytime blue is tossed in with the red/orange and yellow.. it’s a Winner! bright, cheerful, summery.. just all around goodness.
    wish I could figure that crochet beast out a little better.. what are you using to crochet with? the yarn/string?
    You’re waaaay ahead of me on the spinning, haven’t touched mine in weeks, I need to remedy that. which when thinking about all those weeks has me saying to myself… holy fuckeroly. :^)

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