A plethora of weather in Middle Earth.

We went from upper 60’s on Friday morning to a whopper hailstorm in the afternoon followed by cold temps.  Saturday started out dreary and cold, but by 4:00 the sun was out and warming us up.  We were spared the horrific tornadoes that others throughout the country suffered from, but it has been a weird weather world lately, hasn’t it?  My weekend was spent sporadically working on the lawn mower and cussing at it.  The cussing makes me feel much much better, but does nothing to get the damned thing started.  If it weren’t such a good lawn mower and a key start I would throw the stupid thing in the trash.  But, I need it.  My grass is higher than anyone else’s in my neighborhood.  Of course, I am gainfully employed (and, grateful for it) and several of my neighbors are not.  The others are retired or have their lawns mowed by professionals.  I so badly want a goat or a sheep.  Then, it would be uneven but useful.  I mulch my grass, but it would be so much better as food, don’t you think?  Of course, I might have an issue with building codes and Grover might think a goat or sheep would be prey and that would be bad, and messy.  Yet, I’ll bet if we wandered back a year or so we would find me having this same issue with my lawn mower.  I would take it to someone, but I cannot get it off the ground because it’s a power drive or some such thing and weighs a ton.

This is the flowering quince from last weekend.  It is finished blooming now.  I love the lawn chair laying on its side in the right hand side of the frame.   It must have stepped in front of Grover and gotten knocked down for its rudeness.

Have a wonderful Monday, all!!!

My soundtrack for today?  This is my all-time favorite version of “Here Comes the Sun”

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6 Responses to A plethora of weather in Middle Earth.

  1. margene says:

    I am waiting for the sun and wishing it would come. Our quince hasn’t started it blooming process. Spring is so behind the 8 ball here. Rain, rain, rain. You are stronger than that mower. Give it hell!

  2. marianne says:

    Flowering quince, my favourite spring blooming shrub, hands down. I knew the sunshine would finally reach you :^)
    the lawn mower, I understand completely. sounds like you need your bro to help load the beast up and take it in for a bit of adjustments.. and yes, the heavier weight due to bells and whistles.. I find a lighter mower (without said bells and whistles) is much easier to push and mow. Good luck.
    The rudeness of that lawn chair! XOX
    ps eric, giggle.

  3. The weather has been odd, that is for sure. The quince is gorgeous! And a great song pick for kicking off the week!

  4. Cookie says:

    I’m so glad you all got through the weekend alright. Such scary weather lately. I may have some ideas for you and the mower if it’s the key start type that you have to plug for a while before using.

  5. heideho says:

    The quince is beautiful! Crazy weather seems to be on everyone’s agenda this week. Hopefully all will mellow out soon. I have never been able to start anything that has a string pull start… even the keyed starting power tools give me a run for the money. Cheers!

  6. joyknits says:

    Good to see you! Our quince still has some blossoms on it, but it’s past its peak too. Imagine the nerve of that chair – it should have known better. Know what you mean about hauling the power tools around – it’s sure not getting any easier is it? Have a good rest of the week!

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