I kinda feel sorry for the old coot.

Poor Reverend Camping. 89 and he messed up again. I must say it was spectacular. The most Christian thing of this whole mess was the group waiting and praying outside the walls of his compound, hoping to help him (the rev) and his followers through the darkness they must have entered on Saturday eve.  Other than that, things are peachy keen in my time zone, thank you.

Yesterday, my brother and sister-in-law and I took the Metro train downtown to the City Garden.   There is a nice little restaurant on the garden called The Terrace View.

It’s really a delightful corner of my lovely city.   And, here’s a bunny sculpture on the other side of the garden.

And, my soundtrack for this glorious Monday?  How about Ray Davies and the Kinks from 1982 and “Low Budget”.  Damn, I love this guy!

Have a great Monday!

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3 Responses to I kinda feel sorry for the old coot.

  1. Cookie says:

    You are such a kind and good woman. He scammed thousands of people out of tens of millions dollars. It’s a shame he won’t be held accountable for what he’s done.

    What a lovely area!


  2. marianne says:

    sigh, and here it is Wednesday. sigh.
    He’s re-scheduled to 21 October 2011. He had just simply miscalculated.
    He certainly found a lot of folks ready and willing to.. ahem.. BUY into his belief.. ahem. and yes, morally criminal, that’s for sure. but then there are a lot of folks out there doing the sameoldshit. I do not approve. and I know you don’t either. but hey…. “DO YOU LOVE YOUR FREEEEEEDOMS?!?!?!?”
    We need Metro trains. not that folks would use them around here. sigh.
    It’s been one of those days, can you tell?
    But you, I love. and Grover and Stinky too ;^)

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