From March to July in a matter of minutes.

It’s hotter than holy heck here. On Friday, it was cool and damp and I had on a long sleeve tee, jeans and shoes and socks because my feets were cold. Saturday, it was still spitting and a bit warmer, but not all that warm. By Sunday, the furnace went on and on Monday, it was a blast furnace. Over 95. Come on already,willya? One or the other. Poor Grover is miserable and I’m not feeling all that great either. Got overheated on Sunday doing yard beating, but somehow survived to tell the tale.  I heard that there was snow falling in the mountains out west.  WTF????  This is too weird.

I did get a bunch of work done this weekend.  I have to clear the back 40 along the privacy fence so that it can be replaced.  It appears to have rotted.  The giveaway?   Grover went through it and broke a slat in half.  I do not need the Grove to go through an entire fence and I need to get the fence replaced while the back neighbors are still people I know and like.  With this economy you never know who’s moving in, why and for how long.

I’m crocheting and knitting, too.  No pictures yet.  My in-progress photos are  pathetic, so I’m not even gonna try.  I’ll show you the completeds when they are completed.

Hope you all have had a good Memorial weekend.  I did go to the cemetery on Sunday to say “hey” to Mom, Dad and my younger brother.  It was verdant and soggy and hot.  I like going to the cemetery because it’s so peaceful and quiet and I can have private conversations with my deceased relatives.  I know.  I’m strange.   Sometimes it’s just easier not having unnecessary feedback.  As I was weeding around the gravesites,  I ran into a WWII vet and because he had a cap on that claimed he was a WWII vet, I thanked him for my freedom and with that small random act of kindness he went on about how all the wars after WWII were unwinable because of the U.N.  I am not informed enough to criticize or agree, I just thought it rather bittersweet that he could take my gratitude and turn it into a tirade.  Lord, take me before I get that way, please!

And, because I just heard a song by this band, Mountain, I’m gonna leave you with my soundtrack for today.  This is my favorite Mountain song, “Mississippi Queen”:

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7 Responses to From March to July in a matter of minutes.

  1. Sophanne says:

    Mother Nature- she is teaching us flexibility. I get it already.

  2. Emiko says:

    Oh my, where has my 4 day weekend gone??? I swear, I can’t get anything done that I say or plan to do anymore *sigh*…. Granted, it was away from work, so all wasn’t bad and I did manage to read an entire book yesterday into this morning, so not all was lost, but I was expecting to be a little more productive you can say 🙂
    I’ve lost my knitting mojo again, so no knitting for me lately. We’ve had an unusually chilly spring and are wondering when sunny or warm weather will be coming around. I don’t need any 90 degree temps like where you are, but something above 70 would be nice! Here’s to hopefully a quick week, as I’m already looking forward to next weekend! Pretty sick, eh? 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    Up here in the upper atmosphere known as the 4th floor, I couldn’t tell what the temp outside was because it was so darn hot INSIDE. Hot-cold-hot-cold weather always leaves me feeling miserable even if I don’t know the hot-cold-hot-cold is going on outside my A/C bubble.

    You could probably save money on demolition if you just let Grover run through the fence until it falls down, no? 😛

  4. Joy says:

    Ick – I’m so with you on the weather. I’m looking for inside stuff to do so I don’t have to go out in the hot, hot mugg! Good luck with the fence – I was SO happy when we got the new fence done so Toby can have the run of the deck and back yard!

    Think of the experience with the vet as giving him the gift of your listening to him – maybe no one else will :o)

  5. Cookie says:


    Weirdest spring EVER! There was serious snow in the mountains over the weekend and I’m sitting here waiting for the rain to arrive. o.O

  6. marianne says:

    Whoa, 95F?!?!? over??? NOOOOooooooooooo! not ready for that!
    Our temps were pretty decent, 70s/80s.. but I see our forecast showing the next few days to hit 90s. sigh. it’s hot and humid outside right now, 10:15pm.
    I have those conversations all the time.
    So sad about the WWII vet.
    onward and upward, eh?

  7. heideho says:

    Sorry that the weather is so neurotic. That makes life miserable. I don’t think you are strange at all. I talk to my grandmothers and in-laws all the time. I even figure out what they would say to me when I have problems. This may cease if I ever hear an actual voice answer back though. Cheers!

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