Happy Furday.

It’s Furday.   A short work week and, due to the extreme changes in the weather, everything in Chez Knitwon Purltoo is covered in fur.  Grover fur, which comes in abundance twice a year.   It is so bad right now that as I walk down the hardwood floors of my hallway, the fur rolls by like tumbleweed in the desert.  The Stinky fur is found in little tufts on the dark rugs.  Not the black fur.  The white fur.  I try to vacuum twice a week during these times, but honestly, I’m lucky to get it done once a week.   Until then, there is fur everywhere.  I live in fear that I will fall and suffocate in the fur before I have a chance to get up.  See?

Honestly, did you think I would show you my furry rug?  Really??????  Nope.  That’s a picture of local winery from the balcony.  the vines are off to the left, but this is such a pretty picture and much nicer than a furry area rug.

My soundtrack for the day is by Spirit.   It’s “Nothing to Hide”.

There was only one live version and it was awful, so, although I apologize for the recorded version, the song is still amazing after all these years.!!!!

Have a great weekend.

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5 Responses to Happy Furday.

  1. Joy says:

    You mean fur isn’t supposed to be a year-round event??? Seems like it is here 😉
    Love the winery – how local are we talking here? Have a great weekend, in spite of the heat!

  2. margene says:

    Spirit was an amazing band. Now I have Fresh Garbage stuck in my head, which may be appropriate for my day. 😉 HAPPY FRIDAY, Furday whatever you want to call it…we have the next two days off! Think of all the fur you can vacuum in that time! lol xoxox

  3. Cookie says:

    At one point in my life, there were 3 long haired cats and I had waist length hair. I have to hoover twice a day every day to keep from going completely crazy. Thankfully, now, there are no cats and I find fluff on hardwood to be sort of charming.

    Love the photo!


  4. marianne says:

    Ooooh, wait, whaaa? is it still Furday? it is, it is!
    I know all about the heavy duty fur seasons. :^)
    Beautiful photo there.. all green and peaceful and soothing.
    Spirit. One of my faves. I listened to the 12 dreams of dr.S not that long ago and loved every minute of it, had me up and dancing :^)
    Happy Weekend, Sweets, try and stay cool, it looks to be a hot one coming up.

  5. Emiko says:

    For Frank being a shorthaired cat, I’m amazed how much “fur tumbleweeds” I find floating across the floors too – but hahaha thanks for the visual on the tumbleweed/fur analogy – too funny 🙂
    Supposed to be an awesomely sunny weekend, and I hope to get out and enjoy some of it – maybe some Vitamin D will do me some good and assist in altering my crankozoid moods as of late 🙂

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