Lump o’ Lace

I finishedish the 2009 Christmas scarf for my sissy-in-law. Here is the lump.
I haven’t had a chance to block it, yet.  I’m pretty pleased with it, but I can point out every single mistake.  I would have ripped, but it is very fragile yarn and I have enough repaired parts to weave in as it is.  That, plus the fact that it’s June, 2011, and it was supposed to be finished December, 2009.  Enough already.  I will show it blocked when I have the chance to soak it and get the wires through it for drying, but I’m just thrilled my sissy-in-law will be able to wear it this coming winter.

Didjahaveagoodweekend?   I did.  My brother and sissy-in-law and I went to a restaurant that has been around forever in St. Louis.  The bestest hamburgers you could get.   They are in danger of closing due to the crappy economy, so we went to show our support and have a great hamburger.   Well, I’m not trying to be critical.  I’m not.  But, that was the strangest meal we have had in a very long time.   The food was great and the staff was wonderful.  We went in and ordered our hamburgers cooked just the way we wanted them, got our wine and beer and went to our table.  As we sat chatting about life and literature and art and stuff, people started coming in more consistently.   We all stopped dead when a woman came in holding a heart pillow.  In Middle Earth, a heart pillow is used when patients are recovering from heart surgery.  It helps them protect themselves while healing.  It’s just a pillow shaped like a heart.  A morbidly obese woman came in, walking tentatively, carrying her heart pillow.  Maybe it was just us, but we were stunned.   If I had just had heart surgery, the absolute last place I would go would be to a hamburger restaurant with 1/3 pound beef burgers with cheddar cheese , bacon,  blue cheese and other high saturated fat items piled high.   Now, don’t get me wrong.  That lady has every right to go anywhere she wants and eat anything she wants.   I think it was the shock of seeing someone who obviously had just had some sort of heart problem eating the absolute opposite way she was told.  I feel like maybe we all are becoming so inured to the constant criticism we get from the medical world (and, media).   No matter what we do, it’s wrong.   She also might have figured she was starting from scratch, so why not????   Still, it was a very interesting and discussion provoking sight.

Now, my song for the day?  The Misunderstood and “Children of the Sun”

Have a great Monday!

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5 Responses to Lump o’ Lace

  1. heideho says:

    Maybe someone she was holding the pillow for someone else? It’s hard to tell how some people’s brains work… or don’t. Please take pictures of the blocked 2009 scarf. Happy Monday!

  2. Emiko says:

    Yay for FOs! I really need to get cracking on my knitting – I wish the want to knit would come back soon. I never heard about the heart pillows, but will keep an eye out for those and see if I see any around here.

    But yes, certainly not the place I’d expect to see someone like that lady at a hamburger restaurant. I guess some people will never learn. Or don’t care.

  3. margene says:

    No comment on the lady. I have a heart pillow but never left the house with it. Too strange. Anyway, it’s nice to have a finished lacy project. You should feel good about and never point out the errors. It’s perfect as is!!

  4. Cookie says:

    I find it odd that someone still healing would venture out into a crowded place. I think I would be too afraid of being bumped into or something. Then again, I don’t have a passion for burgers. ;^)

  5. marianne says:

    Well, I admit I was more than a bit gobsmacked reading about the lady with the heart pillow (which btw, I’ve never heard of these…) plus the rest of her description didn’t help.. and and and… whump.
    I do love me a good burger though.. I call that ‘eatin’ nasty’. :^) Don’t do it very often but when I do? Mmmm.
    Bit of lace there, eh? Looking forward to seeing it in all its blocked glory! xoxoxox

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