Only 34 more days until the weekend!!!

No. I am not bitter. It feels like this week has been at least 7 days long already and it’s only Wednesday.  But, at least it is Wednesday.  I met with a guy about my back yard and he was sort of stunned by the amount of work.  Welcome to my world, buddy!  The back fence and the deck work will begin on Monday.  I’ll be glad to get that much done.  I’m hoping by fall to have my back yard in shape and ready for planting this next spring.  I can’t really do much spinning or knitting until either he commits and starts or I get a handle on it myself.  I have already learned not to stop no matter what.

I am working on a little stealth gifty thing, but my hands are kinda achey after beating the bullrushes, so it’s going a tad slower than I had hoped.  Still, a little bit every day and the project will be completed eventually, right?  

My friend from junior high school (we’ve been friends since we were 13!!!) is going to become a grandma this fall.  BABY SWEATER!!!   I’m still munching on patterns so no solid plans yet.

And, my soundtrack for today?   Nazareth and “Hair of the Dog” from 1976.

Have a good one!

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5 Responses to Only 34 more days until the weekend!!!

  1. Cookie says:

    Are you sure it’s only 34 days? /sigh

    I hope that guy signs on quickly, so you can get back to enjoying yourself. It’s about time someone else fought with Mother Nature for a change.


  2. Emiko says:

    Heh, 34 days til the weekend – it sure feels like it!

    The boyfriend has been doing odd jobs here and there and lawn jobs have been the most popular. He kinda seems to like doing it, so I guess it’s alright 🙂 It keeps him busy, and busy is good.

  3. margene says:

    If that guy doesn’t sign on then find another guy, grrlfriend. I’m worried you’ll be lost in the jungle if you don’t get help! 😉

  4. Joy says:

    Good luck with getting the work done – hope Grover doesn’t have to come rescue you from the jungle 😉 I can highly recommend *having* stuff done – it’s great! Have a good weekend!

  5. marianne says:

    Well……it’s Friday… looks around… how many days was that? ;^)
    I hope that guy shows back up and gets to work and hooboy, I know what you mean, that learning ‘not to stop, no matter what’. grisly I tell ya! Just finished mom’s yard, whew.
    Stealth knitting is fun stuff and yes, you will get it finished, eventually (did you hear Jimi singing that ‘eventually’?)
    Congratulations to your friend expecting a grandchild!! Baby knits are so much fun!!!!!
    Happy weekend, Sweets.. it’s almost here!

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