Good Morning!

It’s another Monday here in Middle Earth. The weekend was not at all as expected weather-wise. The weatherdoofs are only able to predict storms now. Saturday was glorious, but I kept waiting for the heat they had predicted. Of course, the weather doesn’t do much to slow me down. If I believed those doofs, I would stay in my house and wait for the thunderstorms (real or imagined) to move on by. It is far too dangerous to go out in the rain. We might melt or worse, get wet.  Anyhoo, the weekend was filled with all kinds of wet.  I got over 3″ at my house and I didn’t get much at all.   Everything is sopping wet and gooshy.  That, and the mosquitoes are awful.  I can walk to my pond and not be attacked, but the minute I get past the pond, I’m toast.  That’s because my fishies eat the larvae and my fishies are about 3-6″ long depending on their age.

Due to the wet gooshies, I did not get a chance to block the sissy-in-law scarf circa 2009 Christmas, but I did get a shot of the pattern with Stinky’s beloved mousie.

In the center of that diamond to the lower right of “Beloved Mousie” are beads.  In lieu of nupps (mine always look like spit wads) are clear crystal beads.  I’m very pleased with the results and look forward to a blocked/finished shot for the blog.  Then, I can give the scarf to BSIL.

Here is my latest love.  My girlfriend from junior high is going to become a first-time granny, so I’m knitting the baby (due in September) a cardigan.  Here it is so far.

It is a pumpkin color in Rowan Cashsoft.  This is what I completed while waiting for my car to be worked on on Saturday and a little bit of knitting time on Sunday.   I’m still working on the stealth crochet project.   I’m getting there.

So, have a good Monday.  Here’s the soundtrack for my day……….

I have it on good authority that Boz Scaggs did the vocals.  I love that guy!!!

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8 Responses to Good Morning!

  1. armgene says:

    We had over an inch yesterday. No gardening, nothing to do but stay in and knit, or go to the movies. Now I know why I hate going to the movies (people), but I loved Pirates. It was worth having the crappy rainy day. My knitting looks a bit like yours, but your lace is gorgeous. Anywho…it’s Monday! How’d that happen. Have a happy one!

  2. margene says:

    Hahaha…I screwed up my name!

  3. heide says:

    Happy Monday! I LOVE the crystal beads in the center. I think they look much more elegant than nupps. The rain continues to pelt the shit out of us here too. Today is the last day of work/school and then the summer mayhem begins. Happy Monday!

  4. marianne says:

    so now.. . your Saturday was glorious but then rained all weekend? hmmm?
    You need to cheer your little fishies… eat more eat more!
    Lovely knitting there.. I’ve still not gone to the beads. : ) I will, I will. someday.
    I am loving that pumpkin baby cardi!! and looksie, your toe.. the polish colour is most attractive with the pumpkin colour!
    ahhh. great tune, and thank you! hey hey.. it IS Monday, heee.

  5. Sophanne says:

    Scale toe= love

  6. Cookie says:

    Where did the weekend go?

    /falls over

  7. joyknits says:

    Pretty lace – aren’t beads fun 😉 Looks like we might be in for more rain too – just what we don’t need – stay safe!

  8. Emiko says:

    I haven’t tried beads in knitting yet, but I’ve seen some gorgeous shawls that had the beads in them and I am intrigued 🙂 I’m working on the Juneberry shawl that has these nupps-ish bobbles in them, but I don’t like how the bobbles look in the pattern, so I’m going to try nupps. I haven’t touched the darn thing in a few months since I went on a knitting retreat, but hopefully it’ll get done before the weather starts to get chilly.

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