At long last, ’tis Friday!

Man, oh, man. Another week of working and then coming home and working. Srsly, peeple. I’m trying to take advantage of the weather we’ve been having here.  Wait!   I’ll go get a tissue for those tears of sympathy you’re shedding right now.

I’m not very interesting today.  I will show you the amazing stuff I had done (the fence and the deck boards) as soon as the work is done.   There’s been much going on and I’m working on disseminating the information I have right now.  Nothing that serious, just bunches and bunches of stuff.  We all have it.

This is my pinstripe petunia.  Isn’t it pretty?   They are really beginning to fill out now.   I took this picture about 10 days ago.

And, my soundtrack for this day????  I’m feelin’ the need for some Jimi, so here is the master with the gorgeous smile and “Voodoo Child”

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!

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5 Responses to At long last, ’tis Friday!

  1. Emiko says:

    We had summer for the first day of summer and just as soon as it came, it’s already gone. Crappy weather and probably won’t be nice until (surprise) Monday. We’re going to have a late and short strawberry season locally, so I better try to get my hands on some local ones to make some jam stat!

    Have fun working in the garden enjoying the weather – send some sun our way, would ya? 🙂

  2. margene says:

    We are finally enjoying (?) some heat. Hard to garden when it’s over 90 but in the late evening it’s marvelous. Voodoo Child is one of my all time favorites. Stevie Ray Vaughn BLOWS it away. Man, he’s almost better than JH. xoxox

  3. Joy says:

    Have fun and enjoy the “almost-spring” we’re currently having! Isn’t it great to have stuff done – I’m really liking it 🙂

  4. Cookie says:

    Thank goodness you’re getting a break in the heat. We are, too. Such a relief from that crazy HOT! & HUMID! we had last week.

    Happy Friday!


  5. marianne says:

    You know what? I do, in fact, shed some bitty quiet tears for you because I KNOW.
    This past Wednesday we had a truly glorious what June weather SHOULD be day and I spent it out and about with Havala. It pretty much exhausted me but manOman, we had some fun : )
    Aaaah, Jimi, and yes, that smile of his, mmmmmmmmm. sweet. : D !!!!!
    It’s Sunday… hahahahah. Hope you’re having a great one! xox

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