Getting older is…..what’s the word??????

My BSIL and I were sitting outside Saturday afternoon enjoying a lovely glass of wine and conversation when we realized we’re getting older, in a hurry. I was lamenting about it when I realized that, although I had finished the stealth crochet project, I had neglected to get a picture for Ravelry before I mailed it. Sh*t.  I would love to blame it on being super busy and overwhelmed, but in reality, it’s always that way for me and I’ll bet for you, so it’s a piss-poor excuse.

Still, it was a most interesting weekend in Middle Earth.  I wish that I could just write about all the wonderful stuff I’ve been doing, but Saturday night I was up and down all night.   We got 4″ of rain at the house.  See?  I actually remembered to get a picture of my rain gauge before emptying it.   It was worrisome because it didn’t just rain, it poured for 3 hours straight.  I kept checking to make sure my basement hadn’t flooded.  You see, my house was built in 1956.  There is a walkout basement with a door and concrete steps up to the back yard.  At the foot of the steps right outside the basement door, there is a storm drain.   There is a floor drain about 10′ away just inside the basement door for the washing machine.   If the outside drain gets plugged with leaves or darned near anything, the water backs up into the basement.  That is the only reason my basement floods.  Currently, I have a dying burning bush that was about 10′ tall, but is slowly dying away from some unknown disease.   Because it is dying, the leaves are turning brown and falling off covering the drain.   I made it through 2 hours of rain before it started to get plugged up.  I then went downstairs slogging through a bit of water running in under the door and opened the door to clear the drain.  Several years ago, a local hardware guy and I rigged up a drain screen to protect the drain from most crap, but eventually when it pours hard enough and long enough the drain still clogs, so I opened the door and proceeded to get drenched.  But, I got the stupid drain cleared and all was well for a bit more time.  Other than the initial gasp from the cold water, it was refreshing.  It is not refreshing in November or December.  Trust me.

Any way, I hope your weekend was wonderful.  I really can’t complain about mine.  Here is a picture of my meadow rue.  I planted it about 5 years ago and it had never bloomed.   Not until this year when my Japanese Maple died.  sheesh.

And, my soundtrack for today?   Here are the Standells and “Dirty Water”.  Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6 Responses to Getting older is…..what’s the word??????

  1. margene says:

    I heard about your torrential rains and hoped you were safe and dry. Thank goodness you knew what to do before it became a bigger nightmare. We are a little overwhelmed with our lives at this stage and if we forget, or do something wrong, at this age we must except that’s how it’s going to be.

  2. Joy says:

    Glad you’re OK, if a bit damp around the edges – was wondering about you when they were talking about all the rain up there. Sounds like we might have a chance of at least a short break in the action (at the price of heat – ugh!). Stay safe!

  3. Cookie says:

    How beautiful!

    Rain storms in June? Jeez…

  4. marianne says:

    oh my gosh, did not know about your 3 hr pouring rain.. and oh, I can just imagine how refreshing that must have felt 😀
    We’re in the triple digits, Right Now. I quit on yards at around 2something, it was 99F then. It’s June, ffs.
    I know.. the aging thing, it has something to do with the time flying too, I just know it. 😉
    Your meadow rue is lovely, as is your little pond, now that was refreshing!

  5. Emiko says:

    I used to live in a 4 story home that was converted into separate dwellings that were then rented out to mostly college students (including my friend and I). We got the basement apartment floor and we thought it was odd at the time that there was a drain in the middle of what would become my friend’s room. Well, we figured out that soon after the first week of rain, rain and nothing but rain. The water would leak from my room, and trickle on down through the hallway down into the drain in my friend’s room 🙂 We figured out a system when it rained so that it didn’t get any important stuff wet, but we lived there for 2 years, lol. Here’s to a quick week so that we have next weekend to enjoy!

  6. heideho says:

    I adore your pond and meadow rue. What a wonderful place to lounge and enjoy being outside. That sucks about the drain+leaves+rain. I’d never remember to clean it and always have a built-in pool in the basement. Hope the weather dries out before you sprout gills. Cheers!

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