YESTERDAY was Friday.

As our Joy so delicately pointed out to me last evening. I forgot to tell you all it was Friday. I became alarmed that you would all go to bed and then get up this morning and go to work because I had failed my duties.  Thankfully, I have received no profane emails, so I’m assuming you all figured it out on your own.  I’m so proud!

I have few plans this weekend.  I’m going to do the fun things like laundry and errands and cleaning, but then, I’m gonna spin and knit.  I have had my N*tflix copy of “Burlesque” for over a month and I want to watch it, so I will also be doing that.  It’s hotter than all get out here in Middle Earth.  Yesterday it was hot and today is to be hotter.  I mind the heat much less these days because my allergies are so much easier to take when it’s hotter than hell.  No clue why, just that they are.  Also, I’m acutely aware that it’s gonna start cooling off soon and I want to soak up all the warmth I can before it gets cold again.

In about an hour, I have to take the Grover to the vet.  He has been lethargic and listless.  He eats well, but wants no treats.  He appears alright, but I’m such a worrier that I want to make sure it’s just a getting older thing.  He is 6 and for giant breeds age 5 is old.  He sleeps so much, but is still my big old baby boy.  I’m just making sure there isn’t anything obviously wrong.  I love this guy so much I even got the feces sample this morning from the back yard.  Before breakfast.  If that isn’t love I don’t know what is.

As you may have noticed, music plays a huge part in my life.  I have my HD radio going more than the television.  I lovelovelove my music.  The last time I heard a song that really resonated with me was when ourMargene found The Duke Spirit and “The Step and the Walk”.  Love it!  This new one just sort of found me.  I don’t listen to commercial radio much because it sucks so much.  I hate the country stations because it all sounds so “pop” to me anymore, but there are some amazing country songs.  This group is one of those gems that sneaks in every once in a while.  I’m interested in what you think.  It’s very minimalist and makes me think of the Ozarks.  The Civil Wars and “Barton Hollow”.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!!!

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4 Responses to YESTERDAY was Friday.

  1. margene says:

    While I love your Friday reminders, the one day of the week I can figure out for myself is Saturday, especially when a long weekend is involved. I hope Grover is okay. We’ve been dealing with a very sick Max and Smith had to get a urine sample. Now that was fun! Sometimes it’s difficult to find the exact problem in our “yung uns”. I’m a big fan of the Civil Wars.

  2. joyknits says:

    Your weekend sounds kinda like mine, except I got the vet visit out of the way on Thursday. Skritches to Grover – hope he’s OK!

  3. marianne says:

    Wait.. wha? yesterday was FRIday? Alert the media!! I have time traveled into the future!!! because, yeah, today is.. let me think.. it’s Monday! isn’t it?

    Oh, yes, you do love your boy, we all know that. I love him too. I hope all is alright with him, have you heard anything? Could it be the heat just dragging his doggie butt?
    Did you get any of that rain that went through this weekend? Missed us. sigh. I’d love to see some rain here.

    I’ll listen to your tune.. probably tomorrow morning :^)
    Hope your weekend has been great, with lots and lots of spinning!

  4. Cookie says:

    I sat here for 5 minutes pondering what day of the week it was after reading your post title. My computer thinks it’s Wednesday but I’m not totally sure after the weekend I had. It’s either too much caffeine or not nearly enough. /sigh


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