Hot 1, Me 0

I have found that the heat doesn’t beat me like it used to. I don’t mind it most of the time. That being said, yesterday kicked my butt. It was 80 at 6:00 and the sun was searing by 8:30.This morning it was 83F by 6:00.   Bah! Didn’t Mother Nature get the memo about Camelot? Isn’t Camelot somewhere in Middle Earth? No, wait. I think I might mean the Middle Ages. No, wait!  That can’t be right.  Now, I’m all confused.  Never mind.

Other than the intense heat, the weekend was just fine.  I seem to be chore intensive anymore.  When did that happen?   I did get a bit of spinning and knitting done, but not near what I was hoping to get done.  Ah, well.  But, in the spirit of Tour de Fleece, here is my Dyeabolical Yarn 75%BFL, 25% tussah silk that goes by the name Jeanette.  I’m very pleased with it, but I think the silk makes it a bit fussy.  I have decided that this year I will spin with joy and abandonment and worry about perfection at a later date.  So far, I’m enjoying the process bunches.

And, here is my domestic help.  She is a domestic short hair and that’s about all she’s good for.  She spent Sunday afternoon laying on my clean laundry making it more than a little difficult to fold and put away.  And, the first person that says something about putting her down does not know this little tiger.  Her back claws are like razor blades.  She stayed as long as she wanted.  That’s how we roll in this house.  Stinky is da boss and da bomb!

I want to leave  you with Mott the Hoople and one of my favorites “All the Way to Memphis”.   Have a great Monday!!!!!\

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6 Responses to Hot 1, Me 0

  1. Rachel says:

    I am totally and completely dreading today’s heat index of 115.

  2. heideho says:

    In spite of all the rain we get here in the PNW we don’t have to deal with severe humidity when it gets hot. I don’t know how you folks in Middle Earth cope with all of the stickiness and oppression that comes with summer. I hope that you, Grover and E.M. stay pleasantly cool and dry. At least it makes your gardens grow green and lush!

  3. margene says:

    We have rain, not cold, not too hot. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I heard all about it over the weekend on the weather channel, which is considered MTV for “old people”.
    You have a great attitude about your spinning. It’s must more fun to spin without worry as it all turns into beautiful yarn regardless.

  4. marianne says:

    That’s very pretty on the bobbin!!
    Stinky Tigerbutt, I wouldn’t mess with her! : D
    Yesterday was brutal. Brutal. beyond Brutal.
    Today is only slightly less brutal. That’s not saying much either.
    Here’s to staying cool, darlin’. : )

  5. Cookie says:

    So… you live in a sauna? o.O


  6. joyknits says:

    Purty spinning 🙂 The domestics here, both long- and short-haired pretty much do what they want too. At least your header is cool!

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