Did you get the license number of that weekend??????

It was a fun packed busy weekend and I’m heading back to work for some much needed rest.  I had a great time, but by Sunday I was out of clean clothes and desperate for groceries.  So sad.  The weather was pretty great for July here in Middle Earth and now we’re back into the bowels of hell for the next week to 10 days or longer.  yay. joy. excitement.fun.

Yup.  Even those with swimming pools will be inside this next week.  The water gets too warm and uncomfortable.  Can you believe that?  That’s what I’ve been told and I believe every  single thing I’ve been told.  Don’t you?

Today is Ms. Heide’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!!!

I got a package in the mail on Saturday from my Rachel of Dyeabolical Yarns.  She has begun dyeing sock blanks or flats and I am enamored of her dyeing abilities anyway and asked her to pick one out for me.  I sent the money and received this absolutely gorgeous flat.  I love this.  It needs to be knit right away, too, but I cannot knit socks with it.  It needs to be on shoulders, visible to the entire world.

I think I know what I want to knit with it, too, but it’s a secret right now.

Have a wonderful Monday, all.  My soundtrack for today is a continuation of last week’s soulful tunes.   Here are Smokey Robinson & the Miracles with a terrific song (one of my favorites of theirs)…….”Shop Around”

I’ll see you on the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 Responses to Did you get the license number of that weekend??????

  1. sophanne says:

    weekend license plate “2 5h0rt

  2. Joy says:

    Then you’re ahead of me with the sock blank – I’m still not sure what it will be when it grows up 😉

  3. Cookie says:

    Was it Eric Balfour? Did he get you, too? Such a wicked wicked boy…


  4. I think it is roasting everywhere, though certainly the humidities of the mid-west right now excruciating. Wishing I could send our comparatively low humidities to you, though for us it is relatively humid as well. Hang in there and keep hydrated and cool as best you can.

  5. marianne says:

    Seriously? Your weekend weather was… Great? So lucky you are! and yes, I hear that pools get warm and icky. I ‘hear’ that. :^)
    YAY on the dyed sock blank! it IS lovely!
    aaah, Smokey! :^)

  6. heideho says:

    Wish I could send you some of our cool rain. The sock blank is lovely. I’d be tempted to just drape it around my shoulders, stick a shawl pin in it and call it done. Thank you for the birthday wishes my friend!

  7. Emiko says:

    I know, where did the weekend go? Actually, I do know – I spent it watching Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 … TWICE! LOL And then I didn’t do a damn thing and I’ve got mountainous loads of laundry and a dirty litter box calling my name to be tended to, but they were unfortunately ignored … again 🙂 Those flat dyed knit yarns are odd – I haven’t seen any of those knit up yet, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing how they turn out 🙂

  8. margene says:

    I still suffering the effects of the weekend hit and run, but Monday put me in intensive care! I love your sock blank! What a great scarf or socks it will make. I’m ready for another weekend whether hit and run or not!

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