A blog post here, a blog post there, here a post, there a post, everywhere a blog post

Old CindyCindy had a blog……E.I.E.I.O. Hello once again. I was just passing through the ole blog and realized I hadn’t stopped to kvetch for a few days. So little has gone on, but I feel the need to set a spell and have a cup of caffe mocha or tea and just rest a bit.

How are you?  Summer feels like it’s disappearing fast and the temps have still been super hot and the air is soupy and unpleasant.  Saturday evening I came home from dinner at the BB and BSIL’s house and did yard work in the front.  I was a hot sweaty mess after about 30 minutes, but I did get a few things done.  The purple coneflowers are burned up.  The goldfinches eat the seeds of the flower, so I have to wait to cut them down until the seeds are gone.  This is what a purple coneflower normally looks like this time of year.  You might notice the humidity on the lens of the camera.  I wasn’t joking about the soupy conditions.

Now, here is what the majority of the plants look like.  It’s hard to see the seeds, but they are the lighter yellowish things in the center.  The stripped and dried up remains are in the picture for reference.  The goldfinches prefer these seeds to the nijer seed I put out in the back yard.  Must be pretty good stuff.  As soon as the seeds are all gone, I’ll cut back the plants.  I sometimes leave them up part of the winter because I love the skeletal remains in the landscape.  They are striking set among the dried ornamental grasses that blow in the wind.

It is really really hard to see those images, isnt’ it?  We all know I won’t remember when the humidity finally goes down, I hope it’s good enough.  I have also finished and gifted the little hat.   Before its soaking and drying, it was photographed for your edification and my pathetic and unexplainable thrill at completion.

The model was curious, yet somehow quite aloof.  You know how those haughty haute couture models can be.

Well, I think I’ve taken enough of your time.  Thank you for the coffee and conversation.  Enjoy your day.  Oh, thanks for reminding me about the soundtrack.  My soundtrack today is the Jefferson Airplane and “Volunteers of America” from Woodstock.

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7 Responses to A blog post here, a blog post there, here a post, there a post, everywhere a blog post

  1. margene says:

    I had tea to your coffee and enjoyed our little conversation, although I’m more in the mood for “For What it’s Worth”. I didn’t realize finches liked the cone flowers. I may plant a few in the garden next year given that information. Happy Monday!

  2. Joy says:

    Having finished my cup of coffee, I’m heading for the tea next! The finches always seem to love the coneflower seeds, so I leave mine too. Love the
    EM photo. Have a good week ;o)

  3. Cookie says:

    Maybe she would have worn it if it was in her color. ;^) Btw, if you ever need fodder, don’t forget that day-glo hat some weirdo made you. *L*

    Oh, and I had a pepsi, but I’m sure you knew that already.


  4. Rachel says:

    I thought I caught a whiff of fall in the air the other day, but I didn’t dare mention it when it was 105 degrees.

  5. marianne says:

    I’m sure the finches love you more than you can know :^)
    I personally think that gorgeous orange is perfect for Tigerbuttgirl. that’s a darling little hat!
    I hear you with the weather, except we’re not swimming in soup, it’s pretty dry here. We did get some RAIN on Saturday night (???), at least I think it was Saturday night…. sigh.
    One of my all time faves, right there, Belt.It.Out! Yes!
    Now.. where are the songs from today’s outraged youngsters? are they out there and I just don’t know? haven’t heard? where, oh where could they be.
    Since it’s so late in the day, I’ve had my coffee, so water it was with our little visit… but there’s a New Belgium Blue Paddle with my name on it, and I’m thinking it’s Paddle Time ;^)
    This weather.. “It gets better”. ;^)

  6. Emiko says:

    Whoa, you really weren’t kidding about the humidity – just looking at those pictures is making me sweat!!!

    Love the haute couture model. Maybe I can enlist my female into some modeling next time, har har 🙂

  7. heideho says:

    Coffee with friends is one of the best things ever! Your little hat is darling and I can’t even imagine the humidity you’ve all endured this summer. EM is quite fetching as a model.

    The package arrived this afternoon. Thank you m’dear! I can’t wait to take pictures to share with everyone. I love the roving and the bag made me laugh so hard that my sides still hurt. I probably won’t be using it to carry lunch to work! You are an amazing friend! Keep cool!

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