It’s Friday. My Literary License expired and now I have to take the damned test again.

I got the notice yesterday.  I am so upset.  How could that have happened?  I renewed my poetic license, but now my literary license has expired.  Without it I’m toast.  It’s like driving a semi without a Chauffeur’s License.  If I get pulled over by the Grammar Police (they have long ranging powers now that Congress has completely caved to ALL special interests but yours and mine) I will be put in literary purgatory (the “Twilight Series”) and not allowed to write.  How will we survive?  How can we go on?  How much hyperbole can we take?

Yup.  I am more than a tad weirder than normal.  The Pissyfairy left and took the heat with her.  Because she still loves us, she left us the drought.  It was 63 Thursday morning when the boy and I went out for our walk.  A slice of heaven.  We’re supposed to be good until the 20th.  Then, I’m sure we’ll be nailed again.  This is Middle Earth.  We can expect heat until October.  Ah, well.  The break is wonderful and I’m so grateful for it.  Time to make hay with the yardwork!

I am heading to work and need to leave soon, so I will give you my soundtrack for the day.   This is the absolutely BEST version of “The Letter” ever.    Mr. Joe Cocker from 1969 with the incomparable Leon Russell on piano.

HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8 Responses to It’s Friday. My Literary License expired and now I have to take the damned test again.

  1. heideho says:

    Happy Friday! “Writing Purgatory = Twilight” damn girl, I shot coffee out my nose! I just love you to pieces, even if you don’t have a license to operate that keyboard. Scritches to you, Grover and Esau Marie.

  2. Cookie says:

    Nothing wrong with weird, sweetie. Trust me! ;^)


  3. Rachel says:

    Your breakin-the-law writing elicited big LOLs over here. Weird is good.

  4. Joy says:

    Weird is definitely much more fun than not. Guess we’d just better enjoy the cooler while we’ve got it – I know I am 😉 Have a great weekend!

  5. That first paragraph? Comic genius! Thanks for the laugh, I needed after trying to brave the trails around rush hour on a Friday!

  6. Emiko says:

    I just have to say, I love your sense of humour 🙂 Lots of good laughs here, much needed after such a long-winded week. Wishing you a fun-filled, humidity-free weekend 😉

  7. margene says:

    Not sure I even have a license to renew! Joe did, absolutely, the best rendition of The Letter. Tell that pissyfairy to take a hike!!!

  8. marianne says:

    Hahahahah! Absolutely Brilliant!! and oh how I love you, your wit, your ‘weirdness’, etc etc.. seriously, just about wet my pants reading your first paragraph! :^)
    63F for Thursday morning?!?!? I am so jealous. I think it was Thursday night here, around 7:30pm, out on the back patio… 100.8F. I shit you not. The heat hit me hard when I got back Wednesday night. I wanted to pack those temps and bring them back in such a bad way. sigh.
    so yeah. slice O’Heaven indeed! and I’m happy you’re having the nice temps :^). Although I understand we had rain while I was gone.
    (evidently I’ve never, ever had that particular license ;^)
    Once upon a time I saw those two do that particular number in person. here. here in Tulsa. snort. :^)

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