I fell off again. I’ve been working crazy hours and too tired when I get home to post. Plus, working all that time makes for a very dull existence. Still, here I am. I was going to post this past Monday (as is my late habit), but I awakened Sunday morning at 4:00 a.m. with the bedroom ceiling spinning like a carousel. So pretty and so nauseating, but still not fatal. To deal with the problem, I went back to sleep. Avoidance is a lifelong gift.  I finally gave up at 8:00 a.m. and drove myself to the urgent care clinic and got some antibiotics that will destroy any good bacterial cultures in my digestive system, but I learned that vertigo is no longer a symptom, but a disease.  That, and it usually only lasts about a week.  Oh, joy.  Thankfully, mine has worn off now.  Life is so exciting!

I got a snarky comment on one of my Pissyfairy posts.  It went like this “Bullsh*t!  There is no such thing.”   I was horrified.  How dare that nameless person say there is no such thing.  She visits me all the time.  I did not respond because, honestly, I had no idea whether someone really took their time to comment on a silly blog post or if it was something more sinisterly weird.  I hope (ever the optimist) that other people have lives and won’t spend their time reading posts that annoy them.  Why would anyone do that?

Thank you so much to those of you who checked in on me to make sure I was still a viable carbon based life form.  The jury is still out, but I’m doing really well!!

Now, for the knitting and spinning.  OK.  Let’s move along shall we?  We are in a bit of a drought.  Nothing like other parts of the country (you out there Marianne???), but still everything is dying and brown and ugly.  Here is my front yard.  I did have the decency to cut down the dead purple coneflowers which just blighted the landscape further.

It really doesn’t look as awful in the picture as it looks in real life.  How’d I do that?  Usually, my pics make the objects in it look worse.  The only flowers left are the lantana in the hanging planter on the front porch.

And, this singular dianthus bloom in the concrete planter on the front porch.

So, since I’ve been gone for ever so long and really am behind on the music, here is my soundtrack for today and the past two days.  The Doors and “I Looked at You”

Have a great Labor Day!!

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8 Responses to Hellooooooooooooo

  1. heideho says:

    I wish we lived closer so I could come help you out when you aren’t feeling well. Sorry to hear about the comment…perhaps the Pissy Fairy herself left it! Thank you again for all of the lovely yarn! Your yard doesn’t look bad… really. You’re too hard on yourself. Happy Labor Day!

  2. joyknits says:

    I was thinking maybe the comment was from the Pissy Fairy, trying to remain undiscovered DO hope the vertigo has checked out permanently – at least it’s cooler now, which should help!

  3. marianne says:

    Oh honey, sorry about the vertigo, it always sounds better.. being “Center of the Universe” but it really is no fun at all. So glad to hear you’re all better now.
    ok, I’m absolutely amazed with your dianthus bloom, don’t they usually high tail it out first when the heat sets in?
    poo on that pissy fairy talkin’ trash about our Pissy Fairy! :^) Poo!
    Lantana is amazing, loves the heat, loves the sun.
    Speaking of heat and sun.. we had the sunshine here today but it was a glorious day. 80s. very breezy (some might say “windy as hell” but I’m calling it “breezy”) and all in all a perfect Summer day. We’re to have a few of these.. go figure :^)
    love you sweetie, hope work eases a bit, try and get your rest, give the kids hugs, same for you. xoxox

  4. Emiko says:

    I was getting a little worried about ya – glad to hear you’re better. I had vertigo awhile back and it was not fun! I had to do these exercises in bed to try to get my inner ear back to normal. It’s such a yucky feeling when you feel extremely dizzy! Hope you have an extended weekend to get a little more rest and do take care!

  5. Sophanne says:

    Would that there was a pipeline to send some watering your way. We are not in danger weather but it is supposed to rain all week.

    P.s. I love you and Grover and S. McFartbutt. You always make me smile.

  6. Beth in STL says:

    I hope you’re feeling better; no fair for you to get vertigo on the holiday weekend. Just went through this with my husband — too bad urgent care ($100) didn’t know what it was and sent us to the ER anyway ($250). Kind of an expensive way to be told to take motion sickness pills and wait for two weeks.

    I’m not sure why some people have the urge to post rude things without provokation. Most (not all, but most) of them would never think of walking in your home uninvited and saying the same thing to your face. Honestly, giving vent to that kind of negative energy doesn’t do them any favors either.

    I hope Grover is enjoying our little “straight to winter” weather change! We took a lot of walks with our cat this weekend to make up for not taking her out when it was 103F.

  7. margene says:

    You should just ignore that pissy fairy when she comments on your blog. Please take care of yourself, my friend!

  8. Cookie says:

    Oh, honey, some people are only happy when they’re making other folks unhappy. I hope you’re feeling much better by now.


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