Finally, just in time for Christmas!

I am nothing, if not consistent, in my ability to prolong a project for years. It took me 18 months of knitting and 3 months of screwing around to block the lace scarf (cashmere/merino from Colourmart) with beads instead of nupps from a several year old copy of Piecework. I copied the pattern on a copier and used that instead of the magazine, so I’m not real sure which one it was. It was a Nancy Bush Estonia pattern, but other than that, no clue.  Please note the artsy-fartsy photo with the fern and my red deck.

I am very very pleased with the results and it is so very soft.  I’m sure it will keep my sissy-in-law warm.  Grover is my vigilant helper.  This was about 10:00 a.m. today, and he usually has had a 2 hour nap by now.  He’s really really tired.  I have all the windows open in the house (it was 67 at 11:30 a.m.), so he hears all the outside noises and cannot properly relax.  I figure he’ll just eventually give up the ghost and go to bed.  Poor baby.

Here is the finished blocked shot.  I plan on gifting it to her in the completed form this Saturday at her birthday party.  It was her 2009 Christmas gift.

And, my soundtrack for the day…….Huey Lewis and the News and “Working for a Living”.  Happy Labor Day if you are lucky enough to have a job.  If you are not (or, are underemployed), then you are in my prayers every single day!

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7 Responses to Finally, just in time for Christmas!

  1. heideho says:

    It’s beautiful! And I love your new banner picture too!

  2. joyknits says:

    Oh my word, it’s gorgeous! And I *love* the header too – Grover rocks!

  3. marianne says:

    Beautiful! Nicely done, you! and yes, quite the lovely photos both. I especially love the artsy photo.. because, there’s The Sweetie Grover Boy! (mercy, I do love that big ole face of his!)
    We’re just finishing up on two glorious days.. the type of weather we should’ve had in June! (but didn’t) I. am. loving. it. !!!!!

  4. Emiko says:

    Gorgeous! She’s gonna love it (but if she doesn’t, I’ll send you my address, heehee). What a nice deck you have – looks like a great place to relax and unwind. Today’s the first day back from a week off work, but thankfully it’s only 3 days for me 🙂 Love the new banner pic of cutie pie Grov too!

  5. margene says:

    Knitting should be given when it’s finished, never promised or with a deadline. The scarf is gorgeous! She’ll love it all the more because it took time, your precious time.
    Your new banner is darling! What a great picture of Grover. He must be thrilled.

  6. Cookie says:

    It’s beautiful! I’m so proud of you for finishing it!


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