It’s a small small weird

Let’s all sing now……”it’s a weird world after all…’s a weird world after all….it’s a weird world after all….it’s a weird weird world….”  Happy Friday one and all. Once again I have come to the rescue to make sure you all are not surprised by the end of the work week.

I have been slogging away on a Christmas gift that has turned into a nightmare for me.  My original concept was brilliant in its simplicity and thought.  The actual project did not turn out well.  I quit.  In a huff.  The Pissyfairy came and sat on my stoop and wouldn’t leave.  She’s still out there, but I’m not letting her in.  She teases Stinky and makes her crazy.  Stinky is an inside kitty.  If left to her own devices, she would die.  I love her so much, but she is frighteningly stupid.  I have noticed that since the weather has cooled (42 on Thursday morning), she is showing her semi-annual desire to go outside.  That means that when I am coming in or going out of a door, she heads out like she’s been doing this her entire life.  Thankfully, she’s gotten much older, too, so all I have to do is catch her with my foot and lift her back into the house.  I just read this paragraph and realized how sad my life is that I am telling you about this.  le sigh.

Anyway, back to the gift (we started there, remember?).  Well, now it’s turned into something even simpler than before.  I would lament my creative shortcomings, but I think this is just a case of being anal about the way it looks.  I’ll post more as it progresses, but since the recipient reads the blog, I will continue to be vague until Christmas.

I have also decided that I need a sweater.  I really do need a sweater. I get colder now.  The circulation isn’t quite as efficient as it once was and the house is kept quite a bit cooler than it used to be.  So, I’m thinking it should be a cardigan, but I can’t decide which one.  I love Bonne’s Chic Knit designs, but haven’t narrowed down the search at all.  I bought Anne Hanson’s “Highlander” a couple of years ago, but have absolutely no yarn whatsoever on hand to knit it.  We’ll just keep checking patterns for now.  I’m in perusing mode.

Here is a picture from FB that my dear friend, Sharon, took during choir practice a couple of weeks ago.  It’s the “boy”, our Choir Dog, Grover.  I love this picture!!

You all have a wonderful weekend.  I’m planning on doing fall housework typey stuff.  whoopee.

To send you on your way, here’s some fabulous Rolling Stones with “The Last Time”.  Have a great weekend!!!!!!

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7 Responses to It’s a small small weird

  1. margene says:

    Friends don’t let friends knit for others, especially if it involves the pissyfairy. I’m looking for a sweater, too. I make up my mind and change it again, daily! It’s tough to be so fickle. Happy Frideeee!!! OMG, we need this!

  2. marianne says:

    “I just read this paragraph and realized how sad my life is that I am telling you about this. le sigh.”
    That right there had me ‘sploding with mirth, and you want to know why? Because I found your whole 2nd paragraph of much interest. yes. I did. and truth be told, the whole post. all the paragraphs. :^)
    42F! wow. We’ve cooled off quite a bit also and being teased with sprinkles of what they call “rain”.
    I’m in vest mode. I do loves me a nice warm sweater/cardi… but I really do get more use out of a vest.
    Happy Friday, Darlin’ and happy fall housework typey stuff weekend.
    Big o’kisses to Choir Dog Grover and StinkyTigerButtGirl.. and to you too.

  3. heideho says:

    Stinky McFartbutt is a genius next to my little dim-witted Roxanna. I loved reading about her trying to sneak out and how you “lift” her back in with your foot. Grover is so adorable! 42 seems very cold for September. We just got our summer weather at the beginning of this month. I don’t remember how to knit.

  4. joyknits says:

    *Love* the Grover photo 😉 I’ve discovered that Amber (white cat) can actually push the storm door open a bit if I don’t latch it – so far she hasn’t made it out on to the deck.

    The last sweater I made for myself was a pullover – hindsight being what it is, I’d have been better off with a cardigan. Just sayin’ …

  5. Cookie says:

    Where’s that orange hat some internet weirdo made for you? ;^)

    Cooler weather does strange things to all of us. I’m thinking sweaters, too. Or blankets. Or joining the Witness Protection Program.


  6. Beth in STL says:

    I’m with you on the sweater issue. I got the urge to start a cardigan about two weeks ago, when it was still 100F. (Un)fortunately, I have other projects with outside deadlines to finish before I can even think about casting on for a new sweater. Of course, I could just finish the THREE cardigans currently in UFO status, all needing only a little work to be wearable. Sigh.

    Please don’t sweat the slice-of-life posts. Last night I blogged for the first time in over a month, about the water main break at work yesterday and the trauma of being without water for coffee or toilets for *gasp* two hours. Now that was sad…Happy Friday!

  7. crafterscupboard says:

    Love the pic of our boy! 🙂 I’ve got a sweater picked out already but it involves cables and I don’t do cables…yet. 😉

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