Thinking of writing a novel?

Not me. Nosirreebob. Not me. But, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNosomethingsomething).  The exercise is to blog everyday until November.  Really?  I get bored by me when I update 5 days a week (remember then?  Me, neither).  I cannot imagine coming up with interesting  stuff for 21 days (since it’s already the 12th of October) in a row.

Enough of that.  How about those Cardinals?  That is the talk of the town these days.  I am so not a fan of baseball anymore.  When Lou Brock and Bob Gibson, even Ozzie Smith, retired, I lost my interest.  It’s just big money and greed now.  That plus the fact that they cannot play if they have any kind of a boo-boo.  Wealthy wusses.

Hey.  It’s Random Wednesday.  We haven’t had one of those for, like, ever.  This one certainly qualifies.

Our weather has been amazing.  I love it, but the allergens love it, too, so it’s been just a tad tough here for the ole girl.  Monday afternoon at work my eyes started watering and it looked like I was crying.  So very strange.  And, embarrassing.  Yet, we are getting cooler now and I’m almost ready for winter (housewise).  I got the basement windows covered and started cutting down the dead burning bush.  It scrapes the house and in the winter it can be downright creepy.  Think Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci in “Sleepy Hollow” creepy.  OK.  I need to not think like that.  Or, pray for no wind!!  So, now I need to get the leaves up (when they finally come down) and finish caulking stuff.  Hopefully, I’ll get most of it done before the cold sets in.

And, finally, I am about to embark on a knitting adventure that I can share with you.  I have the yarn and the pattern.  I’m not sure how flattering it will be, but I know it will be warm and I expect to need it this winter.  Details will be forthcoming.

And, my soundtrack?  “The Game” by Roy Harper and Jimmy Page.   Enjoy!!!

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6 Responses to Thinking of writing a novel?

  1. margene says:

    There will be no blogging for a month, nor sweater knitting in a month for me. I’m so past deadline anything. I do, however, have the hope of starting a sweater journey soon. It sounds like you’re on the same path.

  2. Joy says:

    Me either – I’ve got enough deadlines in my life, but it’s good to hear from you again! I probably can’t even make it to spinning every day right now 😉 Happy Wednesday!

  3. Cookie says:

    I saw mention of that in a blogging group on Ravelry and thought how sweet it was that there are still bloggers who have time for that sort of thing. Oh, to be new to blogging and over-eager.

    Good luck with the prepping for winter! I’m too busy enjoying our fabulous weather to think about that kind of thing. Plus I think the car needs tires. I’m not thinking about anything until I get that sorted. o.O


  4. Emiko says:

    I’m lucky if I get a blog post in once during the month 😛 I’d love to try to participate in the sweater knitting, because I have about 3-4 projects for cardis and sweaters just sitting here in my stash and not being knit up! And I need some! But I need to be getting started on some holiday knits, so no sweater knitting for me until July perhaps, lol

    Sleep Hollow-ish weather – sounds delightful! I’m one of them Fall/Halloween freaks, what can I say? 🙂 Wishing you and the furbabies a joyous weekend!

  5. marianne says:

    Hey Sweetums. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming project!!!
    I think you do remarkably well, posting.
    We’ve been enjoying lovely weather as well, although today is quite warm again but not for long, ahh, and then the leaves will start falling. I’m hoping they get it over with in a timely fashion (so I won’t be raking in December).
    oooooh, the tap tap tap draaaag tap tap of the bush skeletons ;^)

  6. crafterscupboard says:

    Really? Do I need to comment on my own lack of posting? 🙂 hehehe Yeah…Like I have the stamina to write a novel. We’d get to chapter 3 and I’d take off and leave my editor wondering what hole I crawled in. heheheh Unfortunatley my knittings the same way! 🙂

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