Oh, Joy!

I met our Joy this weekend.  I also met her absolutely darling hubby, “H”.  We met behind the First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood and had lunch at the wonderful restaurant Amici’s.  What a great time.  They are a terrific couple and “H” was such a good sport having never met me and not knowing me from grass.  We got caught up with families and the whole “Frank” situation and after lunch they lured me to Global Foods.   Evil wicked wonderful place if you’re a foody.  So many interesting and yummy things, plus there’s stuff there I have never seen in a conventional grocery store.  After that, we went to Kirkwood Knittery where I petted yarn and found buttons for the off-set braid vest.  I will admit here that I have a bit of an “awe” problem with Joy.  She’s a knit designer and technical editor.  She has a sweater in the newest Vogue Knitting that I intend to knit (sans cowl).  It’s the first blue one, the 3/4 sleeve cardi with the cowl.  The one thing that keeps me from acting even more the doof is that she is so grounded and so real (and, fun, too!!!!).

 Margene has told me for years to knit for myself and she has gorgeous sweaters she knits for herself and so does Joy ( in fact, she was wearing a beautiful red cardigan that gave me sweater envy real bad).    So far, I don’t have a sweater or a vest to show for myself.  I knit a Rowan cardi for my Mom several years ago that I was very proud of and have yet to find in her room, but never anything for myself.  That is changing this year.  I’m cold.  I finally caved Sunday afternoon and turned the heat up to 66.  I couldn’t take it at 65.  I was depressed and cold.  This is an age issue for me and infuriates me (but, apparently not enough to warm me up).  And that is the long way around to say “I’m knitting for myself” this year.  I have my BSIL’s Christmas pressie that I am enjoying immensely, but that’s all the “others” knitting I’m doing this year.  I found a picture of the cardigan.  I knit it in 2006.  Even then, Mom looked rather frail.  Wow.  I guess my memory is just as sucky as I thought it was.  Here is my Mom and the sweater.

It was a funky Rowan yarn that was all twisty and tangled very easily, but it turned out so very pretty.  She wore it twice and I never saw it again.  Oh well.  If it’s gone, it’s gone.  As I said, I’m now knitting to keep myself warm.

Hey tomorrow is Halloween.  What’s your costume?  I was thinking maybe something easy like a cranky biddy.  hahahahahahahahahahaha.   I just hope I get some kids this year.  I love having them come up to the door unable to see through their masks and tripping on the too-long outfits.  It’s always been about the kids for me.  When adults got into the act it started to ruin it for me.  And, now, there’s some dork in the House of Representatives who thinks Halloween should always be on Friday?  Excuse me?  Why do these idiots speak before checking facts?   All Hallow’s Eve is only a big deal because the next day is All Saint’s Day.  It’s early Pagan/Christian tradition.  I guess I’m just tired of all the stupid out there.  Oh, and by the way, did you know the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series?  I sorta thought I should mention it even though I don’t watch them and had no idea who anyone was before the series started.  I did kinda know who David Freese was because he’s a hometown boy.  I also knew who Lance Berkman was because he’s kinda a cool dude and everyone knows Albert Pujols who is a free agent right now.  Congratulations to the wealthy ballplayers and the obscenely wealthy owners and their politico pals.  There are still  poor, homeless and hungry, but the most important thing is that the Cardinals won the World Series.  I’m not bitter, just sad that priorities seem so out of focus.  That was an unintended rant, but a rant just the same.  I can absolutely guarantee that the Rams won’t win ANYTHING this year.  They are so bad.  I can’t watch them, they’re so bad.

Well, after all this rambling and ranting and little waxing poetic, I think I best leave you with my soundtrack for this day.  How about Frank Sinatra from the year I was born with “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to Oh, Joy!

  1. marianne says:

    How absolutely wonderful that you got to meet Joy and her husband, and with yarn fondling tossed in! How fabulous is that!? YAY!
    Oh, I hear ya, on the inequalities, the sad. We are on The Same Page.
    I also hear you on the holiday stupids.
    Good for you for deciding to knit for yourself! It’s about time! ;^)
    I have a few projects to finish up then I’m going to spend many many months doing whatever I want. Most of which will be For Me.
    That is a lovely sweater you knit for your mum. Wonder what happened to it? now that’s a puzzle.
    Hugs, darlin’. XOXOX

  2. Cookie says:

    You got to met Joy?! How wonderful!

    I’m so glad you’re going to be knitting for yourself. It’s about time! Btw, put on a hat if you’re cold. ;^)

    Those people! feh They’re the same ones who wanted move Halloween last year because of football. WTF?!


  3. Joy says:

    We had a lovely time meeting you too – we *must* do it again! I’m so happy you’re going to knit for yourself 🙂

    My guess on your Mom’s sweater – she wanted to “save” it for special occasions. That seems to happen a lot with handknits. Hope you find it – it’s a lovely color.

  4. margene says:

    How lovely you met Joy and spent a lovely afternoon with her. She is certainly a talented and lovely person. Staying warm is key in winter. Layers, hats, mitts and turning the heat up or small space heaters. Do what you must to be warm and happy in the cold, my friend. I’m an expert!! lol
    The sweater is important to you and I hope it shows up. If not, make one for yourself asap!!

  5. Emiko says:

    My mom’s been hounding me to make a sweater, but since I haven’t even made one yet (does the beer sweater count? hehe), I want to at least make one for myself as practice and learn some new techniques first before I make one for her (I don’t want any mistakes in hers, but don’t care if they’re in my own knitwear). I have enough yarn and the patterns for about 3 or 4 and hope to get to that (won’t be done for me to wear this cold season though, perhaps next year?) 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  6. Rachel says:

    You met Joy! I’m so happy you two finally got together.

    I’m going as the cranky cat lady. No costume required and I’ve already eaten the Halloween candy.

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  8. crafterscupboard says:

    I’m so glad you’re knitting for yourself!!!It’s something I’ve learned to do and it’s brought me much joy. One of my favorite treasures is a pair of fingerless mitts that I use every year knit from hand spun that began as fiber you sent to me. 🙂 Everytime I see them I’m reminded of you and I instantly can feel their warmth. It’s like a hug across the void of the states. 🙂

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