Um, yeah. Where was I?

This past week was spent working and trying to get back up to speed (after flu weakness and whining). I did have choir and stuff, but really it was just the same without feeling really bad.  I’m good and busy, but good.  The day today is more wintry than we’ve had in weeks.  It’s chilly with a dampness that makes it feel way colder.  We are expected to have rain (maybe) this week and moderating temps and then next weekend cold again.  Mark my words, people!!!  By the 15th or so, we’re gonna have winter.  It’s January.  We’re due.   And, I have a walking plan.  You can toss out the January and winter parts and figure that since I have a plan to jack up my walking, it’s gonna snow and sleet.  It’s a gift I have.

Knitting?  Still working on BSIL’s Christmas sock. The first one is ready to Kitchener, but I’m going to do them both at the same time, so I’ve got a good start on the second sock.  And, remember the sweater I knit my Mom?  I found it.   Lovingly folded and put away in a place she never would have looked.  Lord, she was a darling.  Anyway, I have it on right now, but my arms are longer than hers were, so the sleeves are 3/4 length.  It’s warm and feels good and I plan on continuing to wear it around the house.  I don’t have any more yarn and I’m not ripping this.  Too many good memories and it feels like her hug when I put it on, so it’s a keeper!!

I also have no pictures.  Not one.  I leave when the sun is coming up and come home in the dark and my photographic skills suck anyway, so nothing today.   I did put 3 solar lights in the front at the walk and a dusk to dawn spotlight on the big evergreen in front just so that I don’t come home in the dark.  I’m not afraid, but I am clumsy.  I need the light to avoid going down unnecessarily.  Laugh if you will, but it’s true.

So, you all have a good Sunday and a wonderful Monday.  I’ll be back later this week and for your listening enjoyment, I leave you with the Queen of Soul, Aretha, with “Respect”  (love the dresses!!!!)

Have a good one!!!

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4 Responses to Um, yeah. Where was I?

  1. margene says:

    Love me some Aretha and I am SO HAPPY to hear you found the sweater! How wonderful to have something very precious to wear to keep you warm. No walking for me before sunrise in January and it was so cold and cloudy today we didn’t go at all. We’ll make a pact….only post when we’re not stressed or under pressure! Deal?

  2. Joy says:

    How super that you found the sweater – put away in the proverbial good safe place, eh? 3/4-length sleeves seem to be “in” anyhow. The outside lighting sounds like a good idea – stay warm!

  3. Emiko says:

    Oh yay for finding the sweater! Aww how nice to get to wear that and feel like you’re getting a hug from mom. I went to see my mom the other day and she was wearing the socks I made her – it made me so happy! It truly is the best compliment to a knitter when the recipient wears what you made for them 🙂

  4. marianne says:

    I’m so HAPPY you found the sweater! and that wearing it feels like a hug from your mum, sweet!
    Are you covered in snow now? We only got a light dusting, but it sure was pretty coming down (albeit briefly) the other night.
    Stay warm, my sweet chickadee, warm and snug with The Boy and The Girl 😀 xoxox

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