Anyone get the license number of that week that just hit me?

Hello, once again. I had every intention of blogging at least once this past week, but something happened. I had a meeting on Tuesday evening after work, then on Wednesday was choir practice and then Thursday I had my annual physical before work and then saw my chiropractor after work. By Friday night, I was shot.  The best part was the 2.5 hour drive to the doctor’s office Thursday morning.   You see, we had a snow “event”.  That means that MODot got caught with their plow blades down.   They didn’t pretreat the roads, so that when we got a lousy inch of dry snow, it would melt under tires and then refreeze, slick as all get out.   I left the house on my trek, knowing full well that it would take a bit to get to the doctor and I might even be a little late.  The doctor’s appointment was at 8:30, but at 8:30, I was still sitting in crawling traffic about 3 miles from my house, trying to get there (another 15 miles away).  I called and left a message that I was running late and had absolutely no idea when I’d be there.  I might have cancelled, but it’s my annual exam, so I just wanted to get it out of the way!  So, anyhoo, basically, I just idled all the way out there.   It wasn’t even frustrating.  Just silly.  I saw so many people banging on their steering wheels and even felt a bit sorry for them.  I will say, I have never been greeted so enthusiastically by the doctor and her staff.

Knitting?  Hasn’t happened due to said week.   I am planning on posting this blog and then, sitting and knitting a bit.  I feel rather unfulfilled without it.

I do wish I had gotten a picture of Grover just laying on the snow in the back yard.  He has loved it.  It was 13F yesterday morning and he was rolling and frolicking in the snow before I went to work.  So dear.  Then, this morning I tried to walk him and the salt on the street burned his pads, so we came straight home and washed his feet with cool water.  He went out in the back again and laid and rolled on the snow.  Hopefully, tomorrow we can get back at it.  I can tell I haven’t walked for two days.  I hate it.

So, this week I’m gonna give it another go.  It shouldn’t be quite as busy (so far anyway).  I might even have a picture or two to show.  And, my soundtrack for today?  How about some Janis?   Here is the one and only fabulous Janis Joplin with “Tell Mama”

Have a great one!!!

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8 Responses to Anyone get the license number of that week that just hit me?

  1. marianne says:

    Glad you got THAT out of the way for the year but ugh on that 2.5 hour drive! and curses to MODOT!
    rats and drats on the salty streets, poor Boy’s burnt beans :(… hee, yep, I can just see him wallering in the snow :^) does he snitter in it too?
    Young, baby faced Janis, and boy could she belt it out.
    Happy rest of the Weekend to you, grrrrrlfriend! happy knitting!

  2. margene says:

    Weeks that are as busy as yours are exhausting! Hope you have the weekend to relax and kick back. Life shouldn’t be lived in a “whoosh”! We just went for a walk with blue skies above. It’s not warm, but it’s not that cold. Janis gets to me every time. OMG, what a voice that grrl had.

  3. Sophanne says:

    Liza had a little salt paw yesterday. Better after a similar rinse. She doesn’t roll in the snow, having a little less fur than Grover, but she does get quite a zip in her sliding speed racer protect the property run!

  4. Emiko says:

    We just got our first little snowfall of the season – here’s hoping we get a LOT more so that work closes tomorrow 😛 I’d love to see a photo of Grov frolicking in the snow 🙂 And ouch on the salt on his paws – I never even thought about the fact that all the salt laid out during cold weather events could not be a fun thing for doggies.

  5. Joy says:

    Toby enjoys the snow too, but boy, does he come in with a bunch of it stuck in his furry, fuzzy butt & feet ;^) Since we didn’t have to go anywhere, we didn’t – just watched the traffic reports on the news. Hugs!

  6. Cookie says:

    There you are!


  7. I love your entry title. I think I can relate! Here’s to what is hoepfully a much better week, or at the very least less scheduled!

  8. heideho says:

    Glad that you are well and that your annual exam is behind you. Poor Grover! Is it just salt or are there other chemicals in the de-icer that hurt his feet too? Having a lovely fur coat would make winter delightful to roll in.

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