“You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write”

That was a comment left by my good friend “Labeots”. I found it my spam folder. I love love love that sentence. When I read it, I thought it was brilliant!  I read my spam.  It is amazing and informational and fun.  The grammatical and spelling errors are rampant.  I might need a life.

So, how you been?  I’m much better now.  No.  I’m fine.  Have been.  I just haven’t been posting.  I find that I get bogged down with life and don’t feel much like iterating anything, much less reiterating.    Besides, I’m finding my life a bit, how you say?……dull.  Mundane.  Routine.   Reiterating.  I do think I’m hilarious.  I know, it’s so sad, but how many of us are capable of making ourselves laugh?  I consider this a gift and I’m grateful for it because my audience is pretty much napping right now.  No.  Forgive me.  Grover is keeping vigil on the rug in the living room and Stinky is protecting from her perch on top of the chair.  I couldn’t get a picture because the instant my breathing patterns change or anything changes for that matter, they both come to full alert status and move.  The alternative is a stuffed dog and cat, and although that would be quite a bit less expensive, it would also be boring as hell.  Besides, who needs a full night’s sleep?

On the knitting front?  I was about 3″ on the leg of the 2d Christmas sock for my BSIL and realized it looked like crap, so I ripped it.  Back to square one.  If it weren’t for the ripping, I would be quite productive.  It would all look and fit horribly, but it would be done.  I just got the sucker cast on and will prevail.  I could just tell I was hurrying a bit and there were ladders in the ribbing and I just couldn’t let that go.  I have been slogging away on the stockinette of the vest (remember that?) while watching television.  I seem incapable of reading a lace pattern and watching television.  Almost tragic, but not quite.

So, you all have a wonderful Saturday.  We lost a gem yesterday.  The great and humanly flawed, Etta James, left this world we know and I, for one, will miss her.  Here she is with “Baby, What You Want Me to Do”

Have a good one!!!

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3 Responses to “You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write”

  1. marianne says:

    That IS a brilliant sentence! 😀
    Ahhh yes, making oneself laugh/crack up/etc.. I don’t know what I’d do without it, except have fewer laughs.
    It is a gift. a wonderful gift, I might add.
    Yes, we did lose a gem, Ms.Etta. She gave more to our lives, I hope she understood that.
    Happy Weekend to you and all the sillypants (that includes you, takes one to know one) ;^)
    XOXOXOX and stay warm! it’s all brrrrrrr here.

  2. margene says:

    So bogged down….sigh
    Miss you! Miss Miss Etta. What a voice.


  3. I agree with Marianne! So descriptive in so few words, but also a spot on description too! Glad you’re feeling better. Loosing Etta is sad 😦

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